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Prof. Akec bids goodbye

By Kidega Livingstone


Former Vice Chancellor of University of Juba, Professor John Akech, officially handed over his position to the new Vice Chancellor, Professor Robert Deng Mayom, on Friday.

In his remarks, Professor Akech viewed the change as an opportunity to pursue another important role.

He said life is too short to remain in one position for too long.

He highlighted the achievements made during his tenure, including the growth in student and academic staff numbers, as well as infrastructure improvements.

However, he acknowledged that there is still much more to be accomplished in terms of reforms.

Professor Akech revealed that the significant increase in student enrollment posed challenges in releasing results promptly.

To address this, they have developed a digital grading system to expedite result processing.

He also mentioned the issue of land grabbing, stating that they successfully prevented influential individuals from encroaching on university property and constructing structures in areas that were at risk.

There was an issue of land grabbing for the University by big people but we succeeded and built the structure in those areas that were threatened to be grabbed,” he said.

Incoming Vice Chancellor, Professor Robert Deng Mayom assured that his administration would prioritize maintaining infrastructure and continuing the progress initiated by Professor Akech.

“People have been talking about the accommodation. This is something we are going to work on. Professor Akech has tried his best and come up with the standard we shall continue from where it stopped,” he said.

“We shall make sure that the students do their best and the registrars have done a good job for the University. Everybody is going to work the way we work without changes but it’s a priority that is going to change in all the programs. I am saying this because I have not met with my deputies and I can make decisions on my own, we have to together,” he added

Professor Akech, with years of experience at the University of Juba and a previous stint in Aweil, is recognized as a visionary leader who made significant infrastructure improvements.

Professor Mayom, had previously served as the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration at the University of Dr. John Garang and has taught at various universities in Kenya, Australia, and other African countries.

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