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SPLM-IO State Secretary refutes defection claim

By Yang Ater Yang


SPLM-IO Secretary in Lakes State, Alek Malaak Atem, has refuted claims that she has defected to join the SPLM party.

Speaking to the media, she categorically denied the allegations and reaffirmed her commitment to the SPLM-IO.

“I want to make it clear that I have not left the SPLM-IO party. The rumours suggesting that I have joined other defectors and switched to the SPLM-IG are baseless propaganda. I am still a member of SPLM-IO and continue to serve as the State Secretary for SPLM-IO in Lakes State,” Atem firmly stated.

She acknowledged that some members may have chosen to join other parties but said the SPLM-IO office in Rumbek has not received any official resignation documents from these individuals.

“We have seen these reports in the media, but we have not received any official documents regarding their resignation from the SPLM-IO. It is important to note that the number of members leaving the party and joining the SPLM-IG is unclear,” Atem explained.

While she acknowledged hearing about the departure of several prominent figures, including ministers, members of parliament, and state commission chairpersons, Atem stressed the absence of official documentation to verify these claims.

She urged SPLM-IO members in Lakes State to remain steadfast, assuring them that the party continues to work towards achieving meaningful reforms in the country.

“It is crucial for our fellow members in Lakes State to understand that nothing significant has occurred. We are still dedicated members of the SPLM-IO, and we remain focused on our mission to bring about positive change in South Sudan,” Atem asserted.

Meanwhile, the SPLM Party in Lakes State welcomed senior members of the SPLM-IO who defected.

Thondit Makur Makeny, the SPLM Assistant Secretary for Information in Lakes State announced that prominent Lakes State SPLM-IO leaders have joined the SPLM.

The group of defectors included 3 members of the revitalized Transitional National Legislative Assembly, including the former Deputy Governor of Lakes State, Poth Madit, 3 state ministers, 12 members of the Lakes State Transitional Assembly, including the Chief Whip, and 4 members of independent commissions.

Additionally, the leader of the People’s Alliance Movement, Cde Chuot Makur Chuot, and his colleagues dissolved their movement and declared their membership in the SPLM party.

Makeny viewed the defection as a positive step towards implementing unity of purpose and political stability, not only in Lakes State but also in South Sudan as a whole.

He assured equal treatment between the returning members and the existing members, stressing the need to move away from opposition politics and focus on uniting the people and preparing them for the upcoming elections.


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