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Mangalla appeals for secondary school

By Gladys Fred Kole


Executive Director of Mangalla Town Payam, Hillary Lukudu Mohammed, has appealed to the state government to establish a secondary school in the area.

Speaking during the handover of Hydromet stations last week by the Nile Basin Initiative, Lukudu said they have primary schools but no secondary schools.

He explained that after completing primary education, children in the Payam have to travel to Juba to look for secondary schools.

“We need secondary schools to accommodate those who have finished primary instead of going to look for secondary schools in Juba. Let them go there only to join universities but not secondary schools,” he stressed.

According to Mr. Lukudu, the government’s policy requires every Payam to have a secondary school. However, Mangalla does not have one.

He also highlighted that there is a need to establish more than one primary healthcare centre.

“The people of Mangalla need services the population is big we have only Primary Health Care Centre which addresses over one hundred patients per day.”

He said that Mangalla needs better health services, education, and clean drinking water.

Currently, people fetch water directly from the Nile, which contains harmful worms.

“Let us save our people now it is our time to give those services today, not tomorrow,” he urged.

For his part, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation said development comes gradually.

“The government has a longer hand, if there are issues, they will always be settled and we move forward as we have our country at hand,” Mahal stated.

However, Zakeyo Legga the Executive Chief of Mangalla town Payam further urged the need for better education services for their children.

He said that if the children can be offered secondary schools and scholarships to take their children for studies that would be a great move.


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