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Pastor among five killed in Duk County

By Charles K Mark


A pastor was among five people killed in a series of attacks in Duk County of Jonglei State over the weekend.

According to local authorities, the pastor was travelling with his children to Toc Island when they were ambushed.

During the attack, one of the children was wounded, and three others were abducted by the armed men believed to be from the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA).

Duk Padiet County Commissioner Peter Latjor Chuol said the other attack took place in Payuel, resulting in the loss of four lives and seven others injured.

Among the injured is a Darforian trader who is currently receiving treatment for a gunshot wound in Payuel, Latjor said.

“On the sixteenth, there were two trucks moving from Payuel Payam to Panyang Payam, and landed into an ambush by criminals from Greater Pibor Area,” Latjor said.

However, the Greater Pibor Administrative Area has denied these accusations.

Joseph Kelang, the Information Minister of GPAA, expressed his skepticism regarding the claims made by the Duk Commissioner.

He urged the Duk Commission to conduct a thorough investigation before attributing blame to the administrative area.

Kelang challenged the notion that GPAA youth were responsible for every attack in Duk County, citing a lack of evidence and logistical constraints.

“I think Duk Commissioner has another plan that he is plotting against us. How come every attack that happens there he says it is our youth?” he challenged.

Kelang also mentioned that he maintains regular contact with his counterparts in Greater Jonglei, but none of the information was shared with him.

These recent events mark the occurrence of three deadly attacks in Duk County allegedly carried out by alleged armed youth from the Greater Pibor Administrative Area within a span of two weeks.


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