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Driver dies in fatal road accident

By Hou Akot Hou


A driver lost his life On Saturday, March 16, 2024, in a car accident in Warrap State.

The unnamed man was reportedly returning from Kuajok, Warrap State.

Eyewitness Joseph Agorong revealed that the car flipped twice shortly after the driver took control of the wheel. The incident occurred near Dek-yiic, Madhol Payam, as the vehicle approached Wanyjok Town, according to sources.

“The car flipped over twice,” Agorong said. “What surprised us most was how the driver was handling the car. There weren’t any other vehicles around him, so we couldn’t understand what caused him to lose control.”

“We tried to find out where he was headed. He mentioned going to Majok-Yithiou, which is near the border with Sudan” he added.

Agorong provided further details about the possible cause of the accident.

“The man was instructed to take the car from Kuajok to Majok-Yithiou,” he explained. “Upon reaching Akon, the president’s hometown, he was told to leave the vehicle there. However, he disobeyed his boss’s orders and continued driving despite the car being in poor condition.”

“The car was apparently in a garage in Kuajok before he was sent to retrieve it,” Agorong said.

Car accidents are frequently witnessed on this route, with many attributing them to driver negligence, speeding, and reduced visibility due to dust caused by construction company vehicles.

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