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EU urges political stability ahead of elections

By Bida Elly David


European Union (EU) ambassador to South Sudan, Mr. Timo Olkkonen, has called for reduced political tensions and a focus on peaceful elections in the country.

During a visit to war-displaced persons in the Upper Nile region, alongside other partners in the United Nations, he emphasized the need for the government to prioritize security for credible and safe elections.

Timo stated that South Sudan is entering a challenging period, with rising political tensions surrounding the upcoming elections.

“South Sudan is heading into challenging time, we know that the political temperatures are on the rise with the outlooks of the elections at the end of the transition,’’ Timo said.

He emphasized that addressing the humanitarian crisis and insecurity should take precedence before holding elections, as proceeding without resolving these issues could put citizens at risk.

As a close partner to South Sudan, he said the EU expressed deep concern for the suffering of the people, particularly in relation to the humanitarian crisis and displacement.

Timo reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to supporting South Sudan in various ways to achieve peace and stability.

James Odok Oyai, the Governor of Upper Nile, expressed gratitude to the United Nations and the EU for their continuous support to the government during the war.

He acknowledged that there is still much to be done to rebuild the lives of the people, urging those who had fled Malakal to return home.

Peter Gatwech, the Chairperson of Relief and Rehabilitation, appreciated the EU and other partners for their humanitarian support to vulnerable populations. He emphasized the government’s commitment to leading the country towards a democratic era.

The CTSAMVM (Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring and Verification Mechanism) recently called on the government to expedite the implementation of Chapter Two of the agreement, which focuses on security arrangements.

They highlighted the importance of completing the deployment of unified forces and the graduation of the second phase of these forces for successful elections.



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