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At one point, life will greet you with its left hand  

You don’t have an idea what happens tomorrow. It could be teary; it could also joy but nothing prepares you for that.

No wonder, life is a journey from nothing to nothing. It all depends on how you see things. Sometimes you just have to find meaning in those difficult moments of your life. Those hard times, they last. This hurts but not forever, of course.  It is all part of human growth.  They come with such a force that you can’t really understand what you have done to deserve it all.

Most times you break down and cry. Some other times you wipe your tears. It is all part of the battle. We all have to be in it. And I tell you that there are people who are dreaming to lead the same kind of life you have. You are better off with your hundreds of problems. There are people whose problem is food and nothing else. But you need a house, and you are planning for it.

Maybe next year, you are going to graduate or marry and plan a better life ahead. This is awesome! But do you know that there are thousands of people who only wonder where to get their next meal, you have to be humble enough, you are great. It is only that things you desire have not been met. You are not forgotten. This is not true.

Just look at yourself and appreciate that person in you. You have many problems. That is fine but it is not you alone. Who knows yours is smaller than somebody’s. Life is full of wonders. Don’t envy others because you never know how comfortable the person is.

Do you know that behind every successful man or woman, there is a sad story? How could you deny that? This is undeniable. No wonder, success in your own understanding could be lots of money but it is not. Anything you do with all your heart is part of success, and even happiness is part of success. Sharing a loaf of bread with the hungry or your clothes with the needy is another. Singing or writing, name them all.

You have to find the real person in you and believe in that person. Who knows, perhaps one day God can turn that person into something great. Don’t belittle those who are struggling in life. We are all in this together and if there is a way you can help someone, do it before sunset. Tomorrow is always unknown. It may never come, you remain yourself no matter what you face, and this too shall pass.

Last year, I got a new Nothing Left To Destroy convert. This guy has what I can call reading mania but not of Newspapers but when he came across this column, reading Newspaper has become a part of his routine.

I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that people like him would come out and declare how this column has helped them, but he said something that touched my heart. “Ngor, for most of us South Sudanese, if you come across something with hope, whether you read or not something will force you to do that because hope is all that we need.”

Like me or anybody else, this young man has a lot of battles to fight, and he has been trying single-handedly to right some of the wrongs, but they have always defeated him and left him with bruises all around his body.

Winning the fight of life to him, is something that is unachievable but finding strength after every blow is always one step towards making it in life. This willpower inspired me a lot and I feel we should all remains hoping for the better even when life is very unfair.

It is all right and all part of God’s plan for your life. You are innocent and one of the good people around. You are and have been trying for all these years to find the true meaning, but nothing is working well. It seems like God is tired of you and you can’t understand why.

Your friends are doing well. Some have got good jobs, and they are getting settled in life. Others are getting married and building good houses for themselves but in your case, God is still silent. The world is just laughing at you.

It is one year after another, and you are just wishing for something better. That one-day God will put down whatever kind of work he is doing and attend to your needs. But it is getting worse every day.

Your eyes just drizzle with tears every hour and now, but people don’t understand. Maybe sometimes you feel like God just created you by accident or if he surely did it with intention, he did not mean it, but this is not true.

You were perfectly made and at the right time. All is well with you and God, despite what you are going through, is still proud of you and he will make you smile one day. If you think this is a lie, why do you exist? It depends on you whether to keep the fight or you remain down there forever but if I were you, I would stand even when doing so hurts.



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