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But should we forget the obvious?

By Tr Nyak Lam


What is obvious is what is absolute. And what is absolute is what is lawful. And what is lawful is what is just. And what is just is what is natural. And what is natural is what comes from God. And what comes from God is what is everlasting.

The government has the law at hand, but it is obvious that every citizen must keep the law. Keeping the law is the role of each citizen. The government of course is you and I. Many of us have defined the term GOVERNMENT wrongly. We think the government is the president with his/her cabinet. I don’t believe we are right. The president and his/her cabinet can’t be the government without the citizens. Who elects the president? Of course, the citizens elect the president. I believe the law is made by the people and it is the people to keep the law. The authority of the state should just make sure that the law is kept. Our problem is not the law neither the government but the person to keep the law. The citizens say it’s the government to keep the law and the government says it is the citizens to keep the law. The government is not keeping the law and the citizens are not keeping the law, so, the law is not kept. It is my appeal that we reconsider our concept about the law. It is obvious that we must all keep the law whether the president or the citizens. All of us must keep the law.

Yes, it is our claim that the government should make the country right, but we should know that it is obvious for each citizen to make the country right. If the country is not right, whose problem? Many of us with low understanding of how to make the country right will answer blindly that it is the government to make the country right. Here, I must declare my argument. I believe it is a natural role of each citizen to make the country right. To make the country right, I argue, is to do right. Everyone can choose to do right. People who want to make things right don’t make empty claims that some other people are the ones to make things right.  They understand their individual roles in building the nation. A Nation is not built by complaining but by volunteering to do the needful.  Can we choose to understand our individuality in building a better South Sudan; we will surely see a better South Sudan. South Sudan does not belong to the president or his cabinet. A foolish child will always believe that it is by law that the mother should keep the house clean. But any wise child knows that everyone can make the house clean. My dear citizens, we need to know the obvious. It is obvious that every one of us must make South Sudan right. You blame the government for corruption, aren’t you corrupt? You think the government should build schools. Are you doing something to make sure that you contribute to building schools? You say that the government should give money to the poor. You yourself have a work. Do you choose to help your neighbour who lacks food? You say with your eyes red that the government should not declare war while you yourself can’t forgive your friend who steps on you. You declare war and you say the government should not declare war. Stop fighting and the government will stop fighting as well. The president doesn’t take a gun to fight. It is the citizens taking the guns to fight. Please, let’s do what is obvious.

It is true you have family, relatives, and friends who you think can give you help when you need it, but you must not forget that it is obvious that you are born to be independent.  What is your conclusion when your family member, relative, friend, or any other person close to you fails to support you? Most of us merely conclude that we are not wanted anymore by them. We forget the obvious that we are all born to be independent. You and I are not born to this earth to depend on other people even our immediate family members. Any other person can choose to support you. But you must understand that no one is responsible for you. You are the only person responsible for yourself.  In South Sudan, almost half of the population have no work. Why? We all think the uncle, or the relative working is working for us.  Many families have broken apart just because the other person has failed to give his/her support. It is not by law that we support. It is instead by choice. Do you fight someone who does not choose to give you help? I don’t believe you have the right to do so. I only believe you have the right to praise God if someone can choose to give you support. Work for yourself because it is obvious that you are yourself. If you are just planning to entirely depend on others, then you are smartly planning to live as a slave.

A teacher has a duty to teach a learner, but a learner must not forget the obvious that he/she must work hard to pass his/her exams.  Every lazy learner if he/she fails will only blame his/her teacher. Is it true that your failure or success is determined by your teacher? With the power bestowed upon me as a teacher, I declare that success is determined by the learner. We all choose to learn. It is your ambition that makes you work hard. If you don’t have ambition, then you can’t pass your exams. As a learner somewhere complaining about your teacher who is not making you pass, please, stop that. You must see the obvious that you make yourself pass. The teacher will of course do his part, but his part doesn’t make you pass if you don’t do your part.

It is your right to be employed but it is obvious that you should be the right person to be employed. Many of us with tears want employment. But have you ever asked yourself whether you are the right person to be employed? You are a graduate somewhere in South Sudan. Your talk of the day is that the government does not employ you. My dear, I want you to think. You just need to know that the government does not create a job for you. It is up to you to create a job for yourself. If the government or any company sees the value in you, it will by all means create a job for you. It is your value-creating that job. Every employer needs quality. Do you have the quality to employ you? Do you understand why I should employ you? Honestly, I am not employing you to give you money. Many employees understand only the salary without understanding why they are paid that salary. It is your quality that is paid and not your mere attendance in the workplace.  You may say the right people in South Sudan don’t have the right jobs. The probability is half. It might be true because the uncle giving the job to the undeserved relative does not know the law of employment. And it might not be true because the right person you think might not be the right person the employer needs.  We must stop complaining. If you are not working, just know that it is you who doesn’t want to work. You have nothing attracting a job. So, we must do something to attract jobs, otherwise we have no right to complain. We only have the right to create value and the value will bring the job.

We all go to school, but it is obvious that some of us must be awarded. Average students who fail to graduate hate their fellows who graduate. Many of them will claim reasons why they fail to graduate and why others graduate. They will say the university senate is unfair or the lecturers are not fair in awarding marks.  They forget the obvious that those who don’t work hard must not graduate. Graduation is not compulsory for everyone who goes to school. It is only compulsory for those who work hard to graduate. Let’s understand the obvious to create peace for everyone.

People marry but it is obvious that misunderstanding comes. Many couples have what to learn in this. I have heard many and many people complaining that they have made a wrong choice in choosing the partner they are with.  They base their judgment on mere misunderstandings they have with their partners. They forget the obvious that it is natural to have misunderstandings. Misunderstanding can come to examine your relationship. You just need to take it positive. If you understand that mistakes are normal, you will also understand that it is normal to forgive. It is normal to wrong as it is normal to forgive.

There are doctors and health facilities to go to when one becomes unwell, but it is very obvious that we must be unwell.  Do you think we have hospitals or doctors to end sickness? Every medication given is a first aid. A first aid is not final. You can’t live careless saying that when you become sick you go to the hospital. Most of us blame the Ministry of Health for why we are sick. But we forget the obvious that it is normal to become sick. Knowing that it is obvious to be sick will relieve us from stress about becoming sick. We will instead take personal care about our health.

It is very correct that girls are to be married but it is very obvious that they deserve respect like boys.  People, see how we perceive girls. We think girls are born to be married and boys are born to inherit. This is wrong and must be corrected. Girls are human beings as boys are human beings. Why can’t they inherit? Is there any natural law confirming that girls can’t inherit? There is no law except the law of human beings. Many don’t respect their daughters just because they have low view about them. It is obvious that every human being respects equal respect. We are all under one supreme Deity, the Creator. As a parent, brother or any other person outside there, you must know that what matters for respect is not determined by your gender, it is just an obvious thing. Give respect to females as you give to males.

It is true of course that God created us with the same opportunities, chances, minds and abilities but it is very obvious that some of us will be successful. Why do we hate those who are more successful than us? If we understand that it is obvious that we can’t run at the same speed as others, we will for sure applaud those who are more successful than us. The same God gave Adam, Cain, and Abel but Abel became successful.  It was because Cain didn’t understand the obvious that he envied his brother and murdered him. We, today murder people just because we don’t understand that some people must be more successful than us. Why don’t you just struggle for your own success than focusing on the success of others? Please, let’s understand the obvious to have peace of mind.

There is no one born poor, but it is obvious that some of us will be rich. Ask a poor person, he/she will tell you that the rich are corrupt. Many think that whoever becomes rich becomes rich at the expense of the poor. We hate the rich for nothing. It is just so obvious that there must be rich and poor in every society. Becoming rich or poor is a choice. Yes, sometimes some people can be marginalized by some individuals, but it is not an obvious thing. It is a challenge of life like any other challenges of life. I know you are outside there wishing that rich perish because you are poor, and you think it is them making you poor. Please, I request that you understand what is obvious. It is obvious that they must be rich, and you remain poor if that is what you want. I advise, work hard to change your standard of life. You have a 100% chance to be richer than the person you think is rich.

I am a man, and everyone will be correct to say that I should marry but it is obvious that I must choose to marry who, when, and where. You are a young person under serious pressure by society that you should marry. You devalue yourself because you are not married. My friend, marriage is not an obvious thing. Yes, God blessed it from the creation. But it has been a choice right from the creation too. There are many of us today who are still in high school, and we think that it is the time right for marriage. My friend, are you serious? Don’t you know that marriage is a responsibility? If you are not yet responsible for yourself, how can you be responsible for someone else? I don’t blame many of us so much because some societies put marriage as the standard for respect in society. In some societies, a man who is not married doesn’t even deserve to advise a married man. It is the society saying, but don’t we know that it is not obvious for society to determine how we can live in the new world? Please, don’t stress yourself about marriage. Stress yourself about your education. You will choose to marry when you want to, after becoming responsible. Marriage is not obvious but choosing to marry is obvious.

The society may have a demand on how one should live but it is obvious that you must live the way you want. Many people who copy the way other people dance don’t become good dancers. Never allow anyone to control the way you live. Everyone has boundaries. The society may demand that I channel the resources of the state to them because I belong to them. No, I don’t belong to the society to accept anything they say. I belong to them to do anything I see right. The question anyone can ask is how I know what I believe is right. Yes, I also need to respond that I know what I want and like to do more than anyone. The society must allow me to choose what I want and that is my freedom. I always work best when I choose my best. It is by the law of nature that I choose my way of living. I don’t also ignore the guidance of society, but society must know that it is ONLY guiding me.

It is true my parents fed me and took care of me when I was young, but it is obvious that they didn’t do it to pay them back. Many and many parents have issues with their children who fail to support them afterward. Is giving birth to a child conditional? Do you take care of your children to take care of you? Do you take your children to school to take you to school? My dear parents, we are creating issues that we are not supposed to create if we understand what is obvious. We must stop putting burdens on our children as parents. It is obvious that you should take care of your children and provide them with their basic needs when they are still under you, but it is not obvious that they should take care of you after taking care of them. The children with good hearts will choose to support you but remember they choose to.

It is true that I love you, but it is obvious that I can’t die for you. Examine the language of blind lovers. They say, “I love you. I will die for you. You are my oxygen. You are my life. You are my sunshine. You are my hope. You are my future. You are ………………….” That is rubbish! Love is a principle! It is not how you feel! It is how you understand. Love goes with understanding. It doesn’t go with feelings. When you are dating, you say all sorts of words. But after a short while, you break up. You see the bride and the groom vowing during the wedding day that they shall live together forever, but some of them don’t even take a year together. People neglect the obvious.  It is obvious that I love you, but it will never be obvious that I die for you. If you decide to commit suicide, yes, I love you so much, but I won’t make suicide. If you decide to leave me, I won’t kill myself. I will just say “Thank You” for leaving. I only request that you leave me in peace.

Everyone outside there, understanding what is obvious will make you live a complete soul.


Tr. Nyak Lam Wuol Liep is an English and Literature teacher.

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