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East African Youth for UN training in Juba

By Kidega Livingstone


Young leaders from across East Africa region gathered in Juba for a five-day training session on the United Nations (UN) system, leadership skills, and fundraising techniques.

The conference, hosted by the African United Nations Youth Delegate South Sudan, brought together around 70 delegates representing various UN Youth Organizations from Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

Building Capacity for the Future

Samuel Kenyi, Coordinator of the African UN Youth Delegate South Sudan, emphasized the program’s focus on preparing young people for participation in the UN General Assembly.

“This project aims to equip young people with leadership and diplomatic skills while deepening their understanding of the UN General Assembly’s functions,” Kenyi explained during the opening ceremony.

He added that similar conferences will be held in Nairobi, Kenya and Tanzania later this year.

Kenyi further highlighted the program’s specific benefits for South Sudanese youth.

“This initiative empowers young people in South Sudan, equipping them to stand alongside their counterparts across Africa and the region,” he noted.

Asaba Linda, Program Manager for the United Nations Association of Uganda, elaborated on the program’s emphasis on practical skills.

“We’re working with young people to develop their lobbying skills, public speaking abilities, and overall success strategies for the future,” Linda explained.

“We also help them connect with their communities to identify challenges and work collaboratively with other partners to address them” she added.

Linda further emphasized the program’s focus on regional collaboration.

“The UN Association of Uganda partners with South Sudan and other East African countries to provide youth with fundraising skills to benefit their respective nations,” she underscored.

Lemi Emmanuel, a program mentor and delegate to last year’s UN General Assembly, spoke about the program’s transformative impact.

“This program has truly sharpened my skills as a young leader,” he shared.

“I had the opportunity to interact with other young African leaders across the continent,” Emmanuel continued. “The in-depth research and knowledge gained on the UN General Assembly’s functions and systems have been invaluable. This program is undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life.”

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