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Meet Angeth, a lawyer vying for National Youth Union chair

Kidega Livingstone


John Angeth Kenyi Maker, a lawyer by profession, is set to run for the chairmanship position in the upcoming elections of the South Sudan National Youth Union (SSNYU).

Residing in Juba and a person living with physical impairment, Mr. Angeth originates from Terekeka County in Central Equatoria State. His mother’s heritage lies with the Dinka Aliab community in Lake State.

Angeth said his primary focus centres around youth empowerment, a topic he discussed extensively during an exclusive interview with No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

“The reason I am going to contest is that I already have the program and the motto that I have already developed. We are going to unite the young people to make them creative, innovative, and prosperous in all aspects of their lives,” he said.

“We also have a vision because we are seeing South Sudan, where all the young people are going to be backward in the area of innovation and prosperity in all that we are going to be doing, where a young person in South Sudan will not be defined according to what the person is going to do for this country,” he added.

He further stated that upholding the SSNYU constitution will serve as a guiding force during his potential tenure.

“My leadership will prioritize the union’s independence and cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sport,” he stated.

Mr. Angeth emphasizes the importance of promoting youth unity and collaboration.

He stressed that by working together, young people can achieve great things and make a positive impact on their communities.

“This campaign is a call for all young South Sudanese to unite and build a prosperous future for our nation,” Angeth declared.

He believes embracing diversity and overcoming challenges can be achieved through solidarity and collaboration.

Advocate Angeth acknowledged the challenges faced by people with disabilities in South Sudan and stressed the need for better education opportunities.

“People living with disabilities have challenges in this country, and we just came out of the war and became independent in 2011. The education of the persons living with disabilities has not been all that good compared to the people who are not disabled; this has contributed much to the progress of the persons living with disabilities,” he said.

He pledged to champion inclusivity within the youth movement.

Mr. Angeth emphasized his commitment to a non-partisan approach.

“This is about empowering young people, not politics,” he stated. “We need to foster creativity, innovation, and prosperity.”

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