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Not stranger to economic challenges – Minister Awow

By Charles K Mark


The newly sworn-in Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang, is determined to revive the ailing economy and is unfazed by the challenges ahead.

“I am not a stranger and I am aware of all those challenges. On South Sudan economy, the way I understand it, we have not been able to raise enough resources to run the government,” the Minister said during his reception.

Having previously served in the Petroleum Ministry, Awow said there is a connection between the two sectors and acknowledges that oil and gas contribute significantly to the country’s resources.

“I used to call them two faces of the same coin. Because they work together. And if you know very well that the resources of this country that have developed today are 90 percent oil and gas,” Awow said.

It is amusing that at a particular time when the country is stumbled on the feet of the economic control, the minister seems not shaken by its roar.

Mr. Awow sounded more aware of the necessary steps he needed to kick start revival of the dying economy.

“At this particular time that as much as everyone is worried in my family, am equally concerned but am not worried,” he stated.

The Minster attributes his “Not worried” statement on the fact that he thinks institutional development is not a one man show.

“My role here is to come and work with you. And not that it is my first time as a minister. I was once a minister but briefly in petroleum,” he expressed.

Eng. Awow urges teamwork as he deems it as a core for success if merged with hard work.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit had instructed Awow to address the economic inflation issue and urged him to implement policies that alleviate the burden on the people.

Awow replaces Dr. Bak Barnaba Chol, who held the position for less than a year.



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