SPLM-IO denies collapse in Lakes State

By Yang Ater


Despite recent defections of some members to the SPLM, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) in Lakes State remains intact and active, Dr. Isaiah Akhol Mathiang, Lakes State chairperson has said.

He dismissed the reasons cited by the defectors, stating that they were unfounded.

He stated that the SPLM-IO is not solely a party for the Nuer tribe but represents all South Sudanese.

Dr. Mathiang said the party focuses on important issues such as the permanent Constitution-making process, repatriation of refugees, voters’ registration, and the unification of armed forces for the conduct of free and fair elections in South Sudan.

“We need the permanent Constitution Making process‚ Repatriation of Refugees‚ Voters’ registration and Unification of Armed Forces for the Conduct of Free and Fair elections in South Sudan.”

He clarified that the SPLM-IO’s unreadiness for the forthcoming 2024 elections is not for their own benefit but for the benefit of vulnerable South Sudanese.

Addressing the allegations of lacking democratic principles, Dr. Mathiang pointed out that Hon. Poth Madit, who defected, was democratically elected as the First Deputy Governor of Lakes State under the SPLM-IO.

“It is baseless to term SPLM-IO as a Political organization without a Reform Agenda. Isn’t it the reform Agenda that brought several Young Women and Men to Powerful positions of the party whom they have resigned?”

He argued that the party’s reform agenda has brought young men and women into powerful positions, some of whom have resigned, demonstrating its commitment to reform.

Dr. Mathiang expressed gratitude to those who remained loyal and confident in the cause of the SPLM-IO.

He affirmed that the party continues to disseminate its ideology to the people of Lakes State and South Sudan as a whole.

He stressed the importance of unity and moving forward with reform-minded voices to combat corruption, nepotism, tribalism, and promote good governance in the country.

Dr. Mathiang acknowledged that the struggle is a long journey, and despite the economic challenges, the defections will not change the fact that the SPLM-IO is firmly established in Lakes State.

Dr. Mathiang assured that the SPLM-IO party is still present in Lakes State, even though some members have defected to the SPLM party.


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