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Ayii dreads threats to his life

By William Madouk


South Sudan’s Business Community Chairperson, Ayii Duang Ayii, claims his life is in danger following a confrontation with national prison officers yesterday.

The incident stemmed from an ongoing dispute over plots of land in Juba.

For nearly four months, Ayii has been locked in a disagreement with the national prison service regarding plots in African Park, South Sudan Hotel 1, and the South Sudan Modern Medical Hospital located in Juba town.

The situation escalated on Tuesday morning when businessman Ayii alleged that prison service wardens under the command of one Major-General, whom he didn’t disclose name, wanted to terminate his life in a shootout that send a shockwave to patients and citizens adjacent to the place.

However, Ayii told journalists during a press conference after the incident yesterday that no injury was recorded.

“Major-General said I should go to him at the African Park and after I entered, he ordered that the gate be closed and he also instructed the prisons officers/soldiers to shoot me, that’s how it all started,” he told journalists.

The owner of Supreme Airline who has been battling a court case over plane crash alleged that the prisons service officers when to the hospital at 5a.m and chased sick people out of wards, while advising them go to Juba Teaching Hospital for further treatment.

Ayii stated he went to the scene “to find out why he [Maj-Gen B] was chasing the sick away” and to verify if an eviction order existed, authorized by the Interior Ministry, Inspector General of Police, or the court.

“He (Maj-Gen) ordered me to be shot dead, but the soldiers refused,” Ayii continued. “This angered him to the point where he tried to grab a gun from a soldier to shoot me himself, but the soldier ran away.”

Fearing for his safety and the well-being of others, Ayii threatened to close the hospital.

“I will be forced to shut down the South Sudan Modern Medical Hospital,” he declared. “I will take my doctors and send away patients because these people want to kill us.”

Ayii maintains ownership of the disputed land, claiming he purchased it from Jamal Al-Faki, to whom the prison service previously sold the plots.

“This is my place,” he asserted. “I own the buildings and assets, but it’s now taken by force. I will run for my life with the doctors and leave the patients with the prison service to take responsibility.” He exclaimed.

When contacted by the No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, police spokesperson Major-General Daniel Justin confirmed the Wednesday shootout incident but directed inquiries to the prison service for further details.

“I have learnt that is the problem between the prisons and Ayii but the spokesperson of the prisons can give you more details,” said Justin.

However, efforts to reach prison service spokesperson Maj-Gen Redento Tagun were unsuccessful as of press time as his known contact remain unreachable.

Previous Developments:

This is not the first time this dispute has made headlines.

Last month, Ayii asserted that the closure of the South Sudan Hotel and Hospital lacked legal justification. He emphasized using legal channels to resolve disagreements.

A Juba High Court order issued last year mandated Ayii to vacate the premises and return the land to the National Prison Service upon lease expiration. The prison service maintains the court ruling is definitive.



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