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Crocodile attacks Awerial women

By Yang Ater Yang


Health authorities in Awerial County of Lakes State are treating three people attacked by a crocodile while they were fishing in Gel River.

The victims, Ayen Malith, 30 years and Mabor Majuec, and a young boy are currently receiving treatment at Awerial County Hospital for their injuries.

According to John Jool, the clinical officer in charge of Awerial Primary Health Care Unit, the two women were using a mosquito net to catch fish when the crocodile unexpectedly attacked them.

Ayen Malith was bitten on the hand, while Mabor Majuec suffered a bite to the leg.

Although the injuries are considered minor, the clinic lacks the necessary antibiotics to provide proper treatment.

He said the patients will be referred to Bunagok Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC) for further care.

However, due to the lack of resources at the clinic, immediate medical attention is not possible.

He expressed concern that without timely treatment, the injuries could potentially worsen and cause more harm.

Boma Administrator Mabor Jila Ganoon Ayat Kon cautioned the residents about the dangers of fishing in Gel River without taking proper safety measures.

He highlighted the presence of various aquatic creatures, including crocodiles and snakes, in the river and urged people to prioritize their safety over engaging in the activity.

Ayat stated that using mosquito nets for fishing was an unsafe method and suggested using traditional tools such as fishing nets, spears, and hooks instead.

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