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There are days when nothing works

In this life, there are times when it becomes truly hard to justify the existence of God in our lives. For most people, God truly exists but is too busy to attend to our needs. But I come against all these assumptions.

God is kind and whatever circumstances may be; sickness, failure, denial and pain are part of God’s plans for humanity.

For struggle, it never ends from the time we are born all the way to our graves. It is a cross that we carry every single day. I know it is never easy when you are the one doing it alone but making excuses will only exacerbate the pain.

It pays to be in there. To go against the tides is something that is expensive to undertake but it takes courage to do that. You think everyone had their boxes ticked from heaven or others are lucky than we do. This is not true. We all matter to God and each one of us has something to contribute in this life.

It doesn’t matter what the world has made you. Some are sick, others disabled and millions are going through the hardest moments of their lives. This is life and it has always been this way. I understand that it is never easy to stand up when the world is still waiting to push you down when you summon the courage to get back on course but the best revenge is getting back even when it is hard.

I remember a quote from Jacob Riis that read; “When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at 100th blow or so it will split in 2, and I know it is not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before”.

This saying carries a very meaningful message. It tells us that everything compounds. As long as there is still life, there is a possibility of splitting the stone into two. It does not matter how long it takes.

We have to find something to give us headache. Something that makes you cry. Something that gets you down on your knees and something that you push everyday day because there is a purpose in doing that.

The challenges that we face daily will never last forever. If we live long enough, we will get what we want in life. And this is a truth, this too should encourage that it is never the end of everything. Sometimes we do wonder when it is not changing for the better, but God’s perfect timing is the best. He wants us to be there every single time we need him. We need to carry our burden every day. It humbles him. And your tears, he is not allergic to them. He will hear you out one day.  In hardship, the only thing that remains unclosed is the door of hope and we must keep pushing on even when nothing seems to be working.




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