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NBGs receives $7 Million to combat floods

By Hou Akot Hou


Northern Bahr el Ghazal state (NBGs) government announced securing $7 million from the World Bank to address flood risks in the region.

The state cabinet met to discuss how to implement these funds effectively.

“We secured $7 million, and the cabinet discussed how to use these funds for projects with the highest impact,” revealed Mr Sebastian Ochan, Minister for Cabinet Affairs.

According to the state authorities, the funds will focus on constructing dykes, improving access roads, and creating water channels to manage potential flooding.

International organizations operating in the state will conduct initial assessments to identify the most flood-prone areas.

“We want to reach the most vulnerable areas, especially those difficult to access during the rainy season,” emphasized Ochan.

“Community chiefs, women’s groups, and county authorities will be consulted to develop a targeted spending plan for flood mitigation efforts” he continued.

The cabinet minister emphasized that ensuring the responsible use of funds is a priority.

“We want communities to see the benefits of this World Bank donation,” Ochan explained. “We aim for a transparent process and will welcome the World Bank’s evaluation to ensure the funds are used effectively.”

Elizabeth Jacob, a facilitator during the consultation meeting, highlighted collaboration as key.

“We’re working with the Ministries of Finance and Local Government to identify flood-affected areas with community input,” she stated. “Our goal is to initiate projects before the rainy season arrives.”

While securing funds is a positive step, the success of the project hinges on its implementation.

How effectively these funds are used will determine the impact on flood mitigation efforts in Northern Bahr El Gazal State.

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