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Norway cautions leaders against political violence

By Bida Elly David


Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan, Linken Berryman, called on leaders to refrain from using violence as a means of competition and instead prioritize peace and security.

“The people of South Sudan have suffered for too long, South Sudan leaders must reject the use of violence as a tool for competition,” she said.

Ambassador Linken spoke on Wednesday during a conference organized by United Nations Women (UN Women).

The Norwegian diplomat noted that there are many issues causing hindrances across the Country especially civil security particularly for women and girls.

“South Sudan is facing critical time, the transitional government and its political leaders need to act with urgency in a consultative and inclusive manner underlined by the tri-lateral mechanisms, IGAD, EU and the UN,” she emphasized.

Linken emphasized that this will help the government and parties to the agreement to take necessary steps for setting cores for credible and peaceful elections.

According to her political consensus through discourse is the only mechanism to push democracy and end of the transition through elections.

“Dialogue is the path to resolution of differences related to elections and its outcomes, this is the best way for this Country thus this is the only solution for sustainable peace and well-being,’’ she added

Ambassador Linken further underscored that South Sudanese have suffered the journey of tragedies saying this should be brought to an end with immediate effect.

“The majority of women and girls are unfortunately not better off than they were in 2011, in many ways the situation for them is worse, early forced marriages and dowries,” she said.

She noted that the insecurity and practices against women have limited their participation and human rights in the development of South Sudan as a young nation.

Linken emphasized that sustained change efforts will only come if the root causes of South Sudan problems are addressed.

“Women peace and security remains a priority for Norway’s engagement in South Sudan and underscores our commitment to democracy and human rights specifically in a potential role,’’ she expressed.

She mentioned the inclusion of women, particularly in areas of conflict, conflict management and reconstruction.

“Although the peace agreement does contain provisions that enable women to have meaningful participation and representation in public life, implementation has been lacking,” she echoed.

She reiterated Norway’s commitment towards supporting South Sudan.

“Norway has been supporting the people of South Sudan more than 50 years, since the break of South Sudan in 2011, we had hoped for a society that cater to the needs of the population,’’ she noted.

She repeated her call on the government to consider peace and security paramount for the citizens of the young nation.

On his part, Stephen Par Kuol, the minister of peacebuilding stated that government is in right truck on implementing the peace agreement.

On Tuesday, the chairperson of South Sudan National Democratic Movement (NDM) Dr Lam Akol called on the government to consider conduct of elections to end the unending transitional government.



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