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Central Bank opens Nimule branch

By Deng Athian


Bank of South Sudan on Saturday opened its branch in Nimule border town, a significant step towards enhancing financial services for the people.

The establishment of the branch marks an important expansion of financial accessibility in the country, BoSS Governor Dr. James Alic Garang said.

Governor Dr.  Alic expressed his satisfaction with the opening of the branch, stating that the new branch in Nimule will facilitate government financial operations.

“We are supposed to have the branch here a long time ago to keep the government finances here. So, we are today happy that we achieved the plans,” Dr. Alic said.

Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority, Africano Mande, said the BoSS branch will improve the collection of Revenues.

“A lot of money collected here in Nimule has not reached the government bank in Juba because of too many commissions cut by the commercial banks. Lots of money has also been going to individuals’ pockets but now the problem is solved,” Mande stressed.

In his part, the National Minister of Trade and Industry, William Anyuon Kuol. Minister Anyuon commended Dr. James Alic and his team for their swift accomplishments.

He urged revenue-generating institutions to deposit their funds in the Nimule Bank branch.

“NRA, the ministries of finance, trade, mining and all the institutions that generate money must implement the reason for establishing this bank. Central is there to keep government money. The central bank does not have production,” Anyuon revealed.

Director General for Administration and Finance, David Manyuon, highlighted the benefits of having a local branch, stating that it would streamline the storage of government funds and reduce expenses associated with transferring collected resources.

To ensure the smooth functioning of the branch, Mr. John Bullen Adrago has been appointed as the Branch Manager of Nimule.

This strategic move is expected to bolster revenue income for the bank.

Citizens expressed their satisfaction with the establishment of the central bank in Nimule.

Engineer Virigno Kenya, a community leader from the Madi community, praised Governor Dr. James Alic Garang for implementing the expansion of the central bank to Nimule.

“As the community of Magwi County, we appreciate Dr. James Alic Garan, the Governor of the Bank of South Sudan for implementing the expansion of the central bank to Nimule. This decision will Our money collected within this border has been going to the individuals’ pockets. Millions of South Sudan Pounds have been missing and disappearing into people’s pockets just because there was no central bank here to keep the money,” he said.

He stated that the work that do not require technical expertise should be given to the indigenous people of this county, allowing them to feel a sense of ownership over the bank

“We must stand behind with support to the governor of Bank of South Sudan to lead the needful reforms in the financial institution.”




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