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Governor threatens to suspend dormant NGOs

By William Madouk


Governor James Odhok of Upper Nile State issued stern warning to humanitarian organizations neglecting assistance to stranded returnees in Wadakon Town, Manyo County.

According to the office of the governor, returnees who fled war-ravaged Sudan are tormented by diseases, hunger and lack of basic necessities.

“The ever-increasing number of returnees pouring into Wadakona, coupled with cases of illness and malnutrition among them is a cause for concern,” partly reads a statement.

Although there are over 40 humanitarian organizations working in Upper Nile State, only the Caritas organization was reported to have responded in Wadakona, prompting Odhok to call for urgent intervention or else face closure.

“H.E James Odhok directed all the NGOs which come to the government with glittering projects which do not translate on the ground to immediately rush to returnees rescue in Wadakona, or else face the risk of closure,” the statement quoted governor Odhok who visited the refugees on Saturday.

Similarly, the acting chairperson for state Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), Peter Pal who accompanied Odhok to assess the plight of the returnees – described the situation as “ever worsening” with many struggling to access basic necessities such as food, shelter, and medical care.

He echoed calls on all Humanitarian Agencies registered to provide these services with the RRC to rush to Manyo County to help these returnees.

He warned that any organization found to be not delivering what it proposes to the government in its project will risk a ban from operating in the state.

For instance, in September last year about 105,000 returnees who fled Sudan war to Northern Bahr El Ghazal State had gone for months without receiving any food assistance.

Congested at food distribution center gate in Aweil West County, the hungry returnees on Thursday questioned the criterion of selecting beneficiaries of food aid.

However, according to the deputy chairperson of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, Angelo Deng Akol, most of the returnees were not given ration cards at the border and were still holding the cards they used in Sudan, which are not acceptable in South Sudan.




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