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Over 40 food trucks arrive Nimule

By Deng Athian


More than 40 trucks filled with essential food items have arrived Nimule town en route to Juba.

According to the National Minister of Trade and Industry, William Anyuon Kuol, the food items will be sold at the subsidized prices to ensure market stability.

Already more than 50 trucks arrived in Juba with food items, according to the government.

“We have 200,000 metric tons of food to be imported from Malaysia. Our government through the ministry of trade and industry signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the B- smart company in Malaysia to invest in South Sudan. This is the company importing the food now,” William stated.

He further explained that 28 trucks would be arriving in the country every week, and 35 centers have been established in Juba to sell these food items at subsidized prices.

For instance, a 50-kg bag of maize flour, which currently sells for 60,000 SSP, will now be available at a subsidized price of 30,000 SSP.

The food items include; maize flour, beans, cooking oil, rice, and more, which would be distributed to all ten states and administrative areas, ensuring widespread access, according to the minister.

To ensure fair and transparent access to government food supplies, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has established an observatory committee, Minister Anyuon highlighted.

Once the market stabilizes, the demand for hard currency is expected to decrease, leading to a subsequent drop in the country’s dollar exchange rate.


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