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Prevent a return to war-Ambassador

By Gladys Fred Kole


South Sudan government and peace partners need to take further action to ensure that the country does not descend back into conflict, Ugandan Ambassador to South Sudan, Brig. Gen. Ronnie Bayla emphasized.

The Ugandan Ambassador called on peace guarantors and other stakeholders to wholeheartedly support efforts to restore peaceful coexistence in South Sudan.

Ambassador Bayla made these remarks last week during the conclusion of a five-day validation workshop organized by the National Constitution Review Commission.

“As regards Unification forces you should set clear eligibility criteria to determine who qualifies and who doesn’t,” the ambassador stressed.

He proposed objective screening for the remaining phase two, through oral, written and practical tests in the field, including weapon handling.

“An IGAD country must assist with experts” he suggested.

Amb. Bayla also noted the large statistic of high-ranking military officers in the country compared to the junior officers.

“There more senior officers at the rank of Generals than junior officers, this doesn’t happen in a professional army,” he added.

He also stressed the need for guarantors and international partners to support the defense and security sector by providing funds, logistics, and military expertise to professionalize and modernize the army.

Furthermore, Ambassador Bayla encouraged South Sudanese forces to participate in joint exercises in the East African region to share experiences and enhance their knowledge and spirit of cooperation.

The ambassador emphasized that Chapter 2 of the agreement, which focuses on security agreements, should be prioritized as a foundation and backbone of the country’s national security.

Mr. Bayla also highlighted the importance of genuine reconciliation, peacebuilding, and the elimination of sectarianism based on tribe, region, and gender.

He stressed the need for security sector reforms, the rebuilding of civil and judicial services, and the avoidance of violence and revenge.

He called for the utilization of the country’s abundant resources in the face of economic collapse, as well as the enhancement of democracy through the implementation of a new constitution and appropriate electoral laws.

“End humanitarian crisis, almost 60 percent is lacking food and material aid 40 percent internally displaced in camps as refugees in neighboring countries.”

He said the leaders must act constitutionally, responsibly, and avoiding military solutions to every conflict.

While acknowledging that history cannot be rewritten, Ambassador Bayla underscored the need to learn from past mistakes and avoid repeating grave errors.

He called for a mindset change among South Sudanese leaders and stressed the importance of political will, transparency, and accountability as essential principles for good governance.

President Salva Kiir had on several occasions made assurances that he will not allow the country to return to war.

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