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Two killed in Rumbek North Clash

By Yang Ater Yang


At least two people have been killed in a clash in Rumbek North County, Lakes state according to county authorities.

The incident involved armed youth from Tonj East County in Warrap State and Rumbek North County.

Commissioner Samuel Mabor Deng of Rumbek North County explained how the incident unfolded.

Deng explained that on Friday around 8:30 PM, Launyjang youth attacked, killing one woman and one elderly man, and later that night, “they kidnapped four women but subsequently released them.”

He said the suspects are believed to be youth from the Launyjang community in Tonj East County of Warrap State.

He strongly condemned the killing of innocent and vulnerable individuals.

He emphasized that the clashes between Launyjang and Pakam youth should not extend to harming older people and women.

Deng expressed his intention to engage with authorities from Tonj East County to ensure the control of their youth and prevent further violence and loss of innocent lives in Rumbek North County.

In response, Commissioner William Arop Mawut of Tonj East County stated that while he had received verbal information about the incident, he has yet to receive accurate details from his counterpart or the relevant government authorities in Rumbek North County.

He acknowledged that there are contacts between the youth involved, through which he received the information.

Mawut disclosed that the information he received indicated that two individuals—a man and a woman—were killed in Maper, Rumbek North County.

The youth of Rumbek North County have accused Tonj East County, but Mawut emphasized the need for investigations to determine the specific faction within the Luanyjang community responsible for the incident.

The commissioner said he has already alerted the security forces in the area to investigate the information and identify those responsible for the killings.

Once the investigations yield concrete results, Mawut expects to be informed.


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