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One killed in Rumbek North

By Yang Ater


At least one person has been killed and 80 herds of cattle were stolen in Malueth Payam of Rumbek North County, Lakes State.

County Commissioner Samuel Mabor Deng confirmed said the targeted attack occurred in Yar village, located within the Manuer section.

He said the assailants, who remain unidentified, launched the raid, however, swift action by local authorities resulted in the successful recovery of the stolen livestock on the same day.

Commissioner Samuel Mabor Deng revealed that the raiders originated from Cueibet County, adding a concerning element to the incident.

“One person was killed, and they raided 80 herds of cattle, and then later they were recovered back yesterday, those identified group came from Cueibet county.

Additionally, another separate cattle raid took place in Panaker, but fortunately, all the animals were recovered, and no casualties were reported.

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