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Moro, Abdelbagi, Adil in political Brawl

By Gladys Fred Kole


Amidst a recent removal of Central Equatoria State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, Moro Isaac Jenesio alleges being under threats from Vice President, Hussein Abdelbagi.

Moro also claims being confronted by Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Anthony Adil.

As chairperson of South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC) party, Moro, told the No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that his removal has been on the horizon for the last two years.

“Since October 2021, I have been continuously threatened by our Vice President for Service Cluster, H.E. Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, that I must leave SSOA or resign from my position as the elected Chairperson of SSNMC,” Moro claimed.

He further alleged that his political oppressors want to use the SSNMC Party for the mobilization of certain groups of people in Western Equatoria. That’s why, since then, he (Moro) has been voluntarily accused of so many things on very many occasions.

According to the SSNMC Chairperson, he was given three options: “Follow the SSNMC former chairman, Hon. Bakosoro, resign from his position as the elected chairperson of SSNMC, or face removal from his position as the State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement in Central Equatoria State, among any other possible consequences.”

“After the Governor of CES, Emmanuel Adil, realized that we had SSOA issues, I was surprised to be confronted by the Governor that I was mobilizing and preparing to contest against him during the election before the roadmap,” Moro revealed.

“Considering our friendship, I thought it was a tease, but I realized it was an issue when I was disarmed from my duties as the State Minister of Local Government for virtually two years,” Moro continued.

He expressed that he wants to inform the peace guarantors and the public that he has been going through these threats since the former chairman of the SSNMC left the party for the SPLM mainstream.

“I was unprocedurally suspended without any charges since October 6, 2023, which culminated in my removal on March 22, 2024. The Chairperson of the NTC summoned us with the Governor in the presence of the members of the High-Level Committee for Implementation of the Roadmap (Four National Ministers, Chaired by the Presidential Advisor on Peace and Security). The Committee directed for my reinstatement, but to no avail,” Moro further disclosed.

He stated that Governor Adil insisted that he can only listen to and needed authorization from Vice President H.E. Hussein Abdelbagi, who avoided all sorts of meetings and appeals from various individuals.

Mr. Moro calls upon President Salva Kiir for justice, stating that he should know that there are bad practices behind his back and that the president is the only one who can fix all this mess.

“The changes were not legitimate. I was not consulted, nor was the SSOA chairperson. We don’t know the person appointed to replace me. I do not know the person appointed, neither by face nor by name.” Moro decried.

For his part, Kiir Amoi, the press secretary in the office of the Vice President for Service Cluster, refuted these claims against Vice President Abdelbagi on the SSOA ticket.

“I am not aware of any kind of wrangle between Moro and the VP, but what I know is that he is having issues with the Central Equatoria state government, but those issues don’t concern us because the state is a different jurisdiction,” Amoi explained.

Abdelbagi’s mouthpiece said if Moro has any evidence to prove his accusations, he should come forward and prove it to the public, adding that he shouldn’t throw a blank statement to the public accusing the vice president.

“In case there are any serious issues to be discussed, these are definitely matters of public concern, and the public must be made aware and informed,” Amoi stated.

He explained that these blank allegations cannot convince anyone that what he is saying is serious.

“VP has been central to keeping SSOA together as an alliance and effective mediating role in any conflict that might seem to undermine the alliance of the group, so it is misguided to think that the VP is one who has not been serious in bringing people together or turning people away.” Amoi stressed.

Furthermore, he said, there was no meeting that was conducted to discuss this kind of proposal, and the VP couldn’t do this alone as he also needed to seek the consent and views of the concerned parties and not keep them a secret from the public as well. Reasons would have been stipulated.

Meanwhile, the press secretary in the office of the CES Governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, has labelled the SSNMC party chairman’s accusations as unfounded and baseless.

Derick Derrickson said he doesn’t think these accusations, if meant to tarnish the personality of the governor, will be successful.

Regarding Moro’s removal, Derickson noted that it was the party or the system where he came from that actually recommended his removal and actually took the decision to take Moro off the docket.

“What happened is really entirely their party issue at the level of their SSOA leadership, and it doesn’t require any kind of contemplation, like a push from the governor’s side,” Derick defended his boss.

“To be realistic, what has happened has happened, and it was not entirely decision by the leadership of CES, but what happened was an entirely position or decision reached by his own party to recommend someone who comes within their umbrella, and that is what happened. The governor just did what any governor would have done within his powers.” Derick lamented.

“I want to inform the people that the governor is busy implementing the revitalized peace agreement, which is steadily getting on the right track in CES,” he concluded.



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