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UNDP calls for youth inclusion in constitution process

By Charles K Mark


UN Development has called for inclusion of more young people in consultation process for the permanent constitutional-making process.

UN Development Country Representative, Titus Osundina made the call while speaking at a validation workshop of the National Constitutional Review Commission last week.

He stressed that the youth constitute a significant percentage of the population and should therefore be prioritized in the process.

Osundina highlighted that the Constitution currently in progress will be executed in the future by the very youth who are involved in the process today.

“One category I didn’t hear very much of, which is the most important category, and that is the youth. They constitute 72%. Maybe you’ve consulted with them. Maybe I just didn’t hear it within the brief period I’m here. But one recommendation, very strong one, is with the youth because they constitute our future,” Osundina said.

“The constitution that we are making will be for them. Maybe in the next 20 years, most of us here will be gone. In the next 50 years, most of us will be gone. But the youth coming behind, they will be the ones to use this constitution.”

He urged the incorporation of the youth’s ideas and ensured they were involved in all discussions and activities, as they had valuable contributions to make.

Simon Yiel, Secretary-General of the National Youth Union, echoed the call for inclusivity in the constitution-making process.

He stressed that an inclusive constitution should address the needs and concerns of all groups, particularly the youth, who will be directly impacted by its provisions.

“We have a lot of loopholes. The constitution needs a lot to be done. Because it is we the youth who will be an advantage or disadvantage. So it has to be inclusive,” Yiel suggested.

The National Constitutional Review Commission reaffirmed its commitment to engaging the youth.

It stated that consultations with youth had already taken place, and further civic engagement and public consultations were forthcoming.


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