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Youths urged to embrace peace

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


A young South Sudanese refugee living in Adjumani Town, Uganda, has urged the youth to be ambassadors of peace as their country gears in for the first-ever election in December.

He made the remark during a youth revival prayer organised by the Church of Uganda in Adjumani District on Tuesday.

The prayer attracted more than 200 young South Sudanese across West Nile refugee camps.

Tombe Isaac Manya encouraged youths to be self-reliant and work towards the development of South Sudan.

He asked them to eschew violence and embrace peace, saying it is only a peaceful atmosphere that can guarantee meaningful development and economic prosperity for all.

“I want to thank God for our beautiful country, South Sudan; we are youths, and we can make our country like others by showing love to each other,’’ Tombe said.

“Youth should embrace peace and inclusion and shun violence as future leaders of the nation,” said Tombe.

He cautioned young people not to allow themselves to be used by selfish politicians to instigate violence and cause trouble in South Sudan.

“As young people of South Sudan, although we are living in another country, we should embrace peace, be productive, and be responsible to society,” he said.

Amacha Jerome, the senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church, appealed to South Sudanese leaders to embrace peace among themselves.

“Peace and harmonious coexistence remain indispensable catalysts for meaningful development. Lack of peace retards socioeconomic advancement,” Amacha said.

He urged the government to redouble its efforts to counter insecurity and incorporate youth in peace-building initiatives, saying there is a need to end the hatred that undermines development in the region.

Amacha stressed that the youth should be taught to use their energy for productive activities.

He said youth should be allowed to play a bigger role in the process of achieving reconciliation and social cohesion and should be allowed to express their concerns.

Lindrio Gloria Meko, a woman leader in the Agojo refugee settlement, urged women to support the youths of South Sudan to achieve peace in the country.

“This responsibility is not only for men, dear fellow women; we need to support them positively, ’she said.



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