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Minister extends Youth Convention Committee mandate

By Charles K Mark.


National Minister of Youth and Sports gives two more months for a preparatory committee to complete organizing the 3rd national youth convention.

Minister Joseph Geng Akech had formed the steering committee to organize the 3rd national youth convention within ninety (90) days, which elapsed today, Friday.

The Committee reported registering a tangible commitment to convening of the forthcoming national youth convention.

According to a report, the committee developed a work plan and budget, as well as guidelines for nomination of youth delegates across all youth constituencies.

Minister Geng confirmed receipt from the preparatory committee report of nomination guidelines for all eligible states, institutions, and groups.

He pledged the government’s commitment to supporting the conduct of the National Youth Convention this year.

The youth minister disclosed that he had convened high-level meetings with international organizations and development partners to attract their material and technical support to the Convention.

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