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Court orders MP to pay 7 cows for adultery

By Yang Ater


Rumbek Central County Court has ordered a member of state parliament to pay seven cows and expenses of 548, 000 SSP and 200, 000 SSP respectively, for committing adultery.

Mr. Luka Agok, a member of parliament, representing Yirol West County (SSOA) in Lakes state Legislative Assembly was found guilty of committing adultery (known as Akor in Dinka customary law).

He was sentenced to two months imprisonment and also pay seven cows as restitution, as per the Dinka customary law.

The judgment decree, obtained by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, outlines details of the case, presided over by Justice, Gano Daniel Nyowella, a second-grade county judge in Rumbek Central County.

According to Justice Gano, under 2008 Act, Article 266 of the Penal Code,

As a result, he has been instructed to provide seven heads of cattle, in accordance with the Wanh-Alel of Dinka Bhar El Gazal customary law, to the husband of the woman involved, who is the first accused.

In addition to the cattle payment, the court has imposed a fine of 200,000 SSP on Mr. Luka Agok.

Failure to pay this fine would result in a two-month prison sentence. He is also required to cover the expenses of the complainant.

The first accused, the woman involved, has been sentenced to a fine of 100,000 SSP or one month of imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the woman has been sentenced to a fine of 100,000 SSP or  one month imprisonment.

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