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Man murdered in cold blood

By Hou Akot Hou


Residents of Wanyjok Market in Pan-Apuoth Village, Aweil East County, woke up to shocking news where a young man in his 20s was found murdered in cold blood on Wednesday morning.

Northern Bahr el Ghazal State Police spokesperson, Captain Guot Guot Akol, confirmed the murder incident but didn’t disclose the identity of the deceased.

According to preliminary police investigations, the young man came home around 8:00 p.m., ate food, and went to sleep, but his phone rang afterward, and he went out only to meet his fate.

“The young boy was sleeping with his father in the house when the phone rang, and he picked up the call, talked, opened the door, and went out. His father inquired where he was going, and he said his friends had called him and insisted on going,” Captain Guot Guot narrated.

“The young man was purportedly prevented from going out, but he never heeded his father’s instructions, and he never came back and was found dead, beaten in the head, and knifed as well,” the police spokesperson added.

Captain Guot Guot stated that the phone of the late was not found at the scene to establish the names of the people who called him, but two suspects have been arrested and are under police custody.

Such murder cases are pervasive in the state, as a man was found dead last year in Rum-tiit in Aweil Town, and nobody has been apprehended in connection with his death.

The police spokesperson urges the public to report such incidences to help quicken justice process.

He further urged youth to avoid moving at night, as thugs yearn ending people’s lives at odd hours.

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