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Mayor puts traders under pressure over rubbish

By Bida Elly David


On Saturday, the Juba City Mayor compelled a majority of traders in Konyo-Konyo market to participate in a cleaning exercise.

Some traders in Malakia and Konyo-Konyo were observed cleaning their shops in response to avoid fines.

Mayor Flora Modi, along with her team, joined forces to undertake a general cleaning operation in the market and along the highways.

During the exercise, the mayor expressed her frustration upon discovering piles of garbage accumulated in front of shops.

In her Easter message to the media, Mayor Flora emphasized the joint responsibility of the city council and citizens in maintaining a clean and green environment.

She urged everyone to uphold the council’s motto and keep the town clean during the Easter season, which signifies the resurrection of Jesus.

“As the Country celebrates this Easter season with the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, the city council would like citizens within its jurisdiction to keep the environment clean and green as our motto says,’’ Flora stated

Flora highlighted the significance of celebrating Easter with love, clean hearts, and compassion within families and communities.

She also assured the public of adequate security measures during the festive season and advised caution and responsible behavior, particularly among young people.

The mayor concluded by reaffirming the ongoing commitment of the Juba City Council to fulfil its mandate of keeping the city clean and green.



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