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Mystery X mark on man’s palm

By Staff writer


As the world braces for mystery of darkness at day, when a total eclipse, on 8th April, engulfs the globe, a South Sudanese puzzles an X mark on his palm.

A 60-year-old Makur Gurin Chigok Meen, a police officer, who prefers a lifestyle of an ordinary citizen, has since 2023 Christmas season, wondered what the X mark, embodies.

“I first realized the appearance of this X mark last year, during the Christmas season,” Makur, lifting up his palm, showing the scribe, how it looked.

Makur has sought help for explanation from religious leaders, on whether or not, the mark has any spiritual interpretation but all those he approaches are reluctant to offer their views.

“Religious leaders are reluctant to comment about it. I also now feel not to bother them at all,” a man, who carries mystery in his palm narrates.

As strange as the X mark appears, Makur says he is not new to extraordinary occurrences, since childhood, fastidious dreams have manifested.

“Since childhood, whenever I dream of something, it happens,” he recounts.

But since the X mark showed up on Makur’s palm, the phenomenal occurrences have intensified. Some are about individual matters while others on national and global trends.

Mystic experiences following Makur’s X mark, he says, are numerous. For instance, when he places his hand on the head of a person, it causes dizziness and also whatever the person desires, manifests.

“If I put the hand with the X mark on someone’s head, the person begins to feel dizzy and when that person desires something in a silent prayer, it comes to pass,” Makur asserts.

Giving a maximum of 18 months for the prayer desires to manifest for those he places his X-marked hand on, Makur notes experiencing strange visions and receiving spiritual messages.

“Many miracles have happened to my life, but I prefer to keep them for myself. You know, humans never believe anything easily,” says Makur, a police officer at the rank of a general, who many would bypass without notice.

Simplicity is the best description of Gen. Makur Gurin Chigok Meer, who in his own words, “has been given national assignments” in Aweil, considers the use of his name without the rank.

According to Makur, all humans are equal, regardless of rank, colour, tribe or community, nationality and race, that’s why a name keeps him at the same level as the rest.

In global and national arena, Makur envisions peace, unity and non-violence as key elements for human existence while agriculture leverages South Sudan from crises.

“I always receive mystic messages on peace, unity and no-violence. People must learn and accept to live as one community without discrimination to make the world a better place” the police officer said.

Whether you believe it or not, Makur vows to talk until citizens shift their love of the US dollar to the land and embrace agriculture.

“We should cultivate to get money but not cast so much love for the US dollar,” Makur remarks while disregarding the trend of focus the country takes.

“We have forgotten that the liberation war was for love of land not money and now people are too much chasing dollars and we have problems,” he observes.

According to Makur, if South Sudanese use the land that they fought for, to cultivate, then, the country will be free of the desire for dollars and without major problems.

“But we continue to tell them, if they believe or not, God will change them,” the man with a mystery X mark, warns.

He believes continuous talks to citizens on what is good for them to do will bring a change for the better.

Meanwhile, though unrelated but a strange phenomenon, April’s total solar eclipse is anticipated to bring a surreal silence and confuse all sorts of animals.

After the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, the next total solar eclipse that can be seen from the contiguous United States will be on Aug. 23, 2044.

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