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Schools reopening excites Magwi learners

By Ijoo Bosco


Students in Magwi Center said they are excited about the reopening of schools after the heatwave.

After a two-week heat wave break, there is a deep sense of excitement in the air as learners prepare to resume their classes.

Many parents have shared their concerns about their children’s academic performance and social behaviour.

They emphasize the importance of reopening schools and express gratitude towards the national Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health for their plan to resume in-person learning across the country.

Mr. Baptist Ayella Hessen, one of the students, appreciates the efforts of the government in ensuring the reopening of schools.

He acknowledges the negative impact of staying at home for an extended period and missing out on valuable instruction from teachers.

Baptist urges his fellow students to attend school regularly and remain focused throughout the academic year.

Another candidate only identified as Christine, a student from Fr. Leopoldo Anywar Secondary School, describes the two-week heat wave break as academically boring, which hindered their concentration on their studies.

She raises concerns about the effect the break may have on candidates, as crucial final exams are approaching.

Students like Christine are eager to make the most of the remaining months to prepare adequately.

Mary Juan and Emmanuella Gift John, pupils from Magwi Hope Nursery and Primary School, highlight the financial burden faced by parents in transporting their children back to their respective places such as Juba, Torit, and Abara.

They request their fellow students, especially girls, to prioritize their education and avoid circumstances that may lead to pregnancy.



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