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Yes, means an acceptance. You promise that you won’t fail to do what you have accepted. You say that you have understood it and you will commit to it. The big question is “DO YOU MEAN YOUR “YES”?

Before the ordained minister in the church they are asked, “Will you live with each other forever?” Together they answer, “YES” but just a month they are coming back and ask for a divorce. Do the couples mean their, “YES”?

He comes to the Citizens and says, “Elect me as your leader!” The citizens ask, “Will you serve us and promote peace and Unity in our community?” He/she answers it, “YES!” Just some months after the election, things go contrary; does he/she mean his/her “YES”?

Mrs X and Mr Y are parents, they pray for a child. God has answered and they have the child. The child does not receive the full parental care. The child does not go to school. The child lacks most of the basic needs. They can’t create any time for the child. They say “YES” to have the child but do they mean their “YES”?

You need a job. The job is given to you. You come very late for the work. You can’t write any report. You can’t make your boss trust your work. Do you mean your “YES” for the job?

Someone has an offer for you; an offer to change your life. But you still don’t know whether the result will be positive or negative. You ignore thinking about it. You take your decision. After a time, you learn the offer demands something in return. You are a young girl; you must satisfy the sexual urge of the brutal ignorant man. You are a young man; you must murder someone to pay for the offer. Do you think it is wise to accept the offer without evaluating it? Are you sure you mean your “YES” in such a scenario?

There is a deal. The deal is simple. It is just making sure someone loses his/her life and you go with a million dollars. You murder the person. You get your dollars. But the guilt of murdering an innocent person can’t give you peace. Do you mean your “YES” to accept such a deal?

You are a parent. You have understood that forced marriage is evil. You know it is against human rights. Despite the truth you have known, a man comes to marry your daughter. Your daughter doesn’t love the man. The man is not her age. The man has no vision. The man is ignorant and thinks that a woman is married for cooking or other duties. But since your daughter has understood her right, she doesn’t want the man. But for you, your daughter is a property. She can’t say NO to what you have decided. She must marry the man whether she likes it or not. You order your young men and your daughter is beaten to marry the man. Or she marries the man because she respects you, but the man enslaves your daughter. Your daughter has no right to anything. She wishes that she had not been born. Do you mean your “YES”?

Dear young youth, you have the privilege to study. Your parents are ready to support your education. But you dump their love for you.  You choose the other way around. You just want to roam around with young girls or boys. Your best friend is he/she who tells you to steal, drink, party, rob and the likes. Years pass and you are now old. You want to be responsible and be called a father or mother. But how! No way! Do you mean your “YES” of going the other way around?

Boss, you are in the office. All the money of the organization or institution is in your care. You are trusted to take good care of it and use it as planned. But instead of seeing the opportunity of using the money for public interest, you see the opportunity of scooping it for yourself. The secret is known and you are sacked. You lose the job and you are now a thief. No one can trust you anymore. You can’t rest because your conscience condemns you for being a thief. Sir, do you mean your, “YES” of scooping the money for yourself?

You are a young person so desperate for scholarship. You think any scholarship is good. They come to give you a scholarship. Reaching there, things turn around. You learn that they take you for sexual slavery or other illegal acts. They are human traffickers. There, you are regretting. Do you mean your “YES” to be desperate for a scholarship?

The only thing you like is being on social media. It is not even the good part of social media, but watching pornography throughout. You are addicted to it and it robs your freedom. You have no self-control.  All that you can think about is sex. As a result of your addiction to sex, you contract sickness. You drop out of school. You can’t conceive as a married young lady. You sell your dignity out. Everyone in the community knows you as a prostitute. None can propose for marriage. The only proposal you receive is a proposal for sex. You are an object for sex. You are now very sick. You keep visiting doctors but you can’t find any help. What do you do when it is too late? Do you mean your “YES” for pornography?

Though unmentioned, there are many times we blindly say “YES” when in the actual sense, we should be saying “No”. Saying “YES” when you don’t mean it is a weakness. It means you are immature. It means you are a poor planner. It means you don’t know yourself. It means you are a miserable human being. It communicates your high level of ignorance.

The only advice for you is to think before you say “YES”. Analyse properly before saying “YES” Take time to study the background. Better lose an opportunity if you don’t understand it. Don’t rush for things. Don’t be desperate for anything. Seek advice from other people. There are things you should be guided for. Don’t trust everyone. Trust yourself and God alone. BE CAREFUL TO SAY “YES”.






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