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SPLM-IO denies defection of 150 officers

By Charles K Mark


Sudan Liberation Movement-In Opposition (SPLM–IO) has dismissed claims that more than 150 of their loyal members have defected to their main rivals, the SPLM IG.

Chaguor Ater Bol, a member of parliament representing the SPLM-IO in Tonj of Warrap State, addressed the media on Tuesday and refuted the allegations.

Several news outlets in Juba published a list of 152 high-ranking SPLM officials, along with 40 others, citing their allegiance to the SPLM party.

However, Chaguor clarified that only eight members had actually crossed over from the SPLM–IO to the IG camp in Warrap State, contrary to the claim of 150 defections.

“Out of the 150, only eight (8) confirmed to have defected and the rest refuted the allegations. Their names were added without their consent,” he said.

The confirmed defectors are reportedly officers who were laid off due to allegations of underperformance.

Chaguor further revealed that the Sudan Liberation Movement in Government has been enticing SPLM-IO forces, who have not received their arrears, with money and vehicles.

He emphasized that the few defections would not impact the party’s existence and reiterated that the opposition group allows for voluntary entry and exit of its members.

Regarding the defectors’ self-appointed positions in Warrap State, Chaguor clarified that these individuals allocated themselves roles without the knowledge or approval of the SPLM – IO leadership.

“Some are former and others current constitutional post holders in Warrap State where seats allocated to Warrap were allocated by themselves but not the leadership of the SPLM – IO,” he narrated.

In another significant development, the SPLM faced a setback when former deputy defense minister Gen. David Yau Yau declared his allegiance to the SPLM-IO. Gen.

Yau Yau has held various positions in the government, including serving as the chief administrator of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) and deputy minister of labor and public service.

This move by Gen. Yau Yau is expected to have an impact on President Kiir and his SPLM Party as they prepare for the upcoming general elections scheduled for December this year.


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