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Who is not who he is?

Whether born to a royal family or a peasant family, everyone is equal. Whether raised in a rural setting or an urban one, everyone is equal. Whether weaned in a cattle camp or at home, everyone is equal.

Whether your mother was married with 100 cows or with one cow, everyone is equal. Whether your father has led a communal fight or has never ever led it, everyone is equal.

Whether taken to a very expensive school or the cheapest one, everyone is equal. Whether taught by a white lecturer or a black one, everyone is equal. Whether you were the most intelligent student or the dullest one, everyone is equal. Whether schooled in the West or in Africa, everyone is equal.

Whether a Christian, Muslim, traditional African believer or a pagan, everyone is equal. Whether a soldier of Shield 1 or of Shield 99, every soldier is equal. Whether working as a Presidential Adam’s Apple or a Sewage Tank Driver, everyone is equal.

Whether you are an owner of a tower or a tukul, everyone is equal. Whether you are an owner of a Mercedes Benz or a bicycle, everyone is equal. Whether you are a holder of a first-class degree or a low-class degree, everyone is equal. Whether you are the most handsome person or the ugliest one, everyone is equal.

You find that all people are the same regardless of their statuses. The statuses are not fixed. A poor man can become rich and the reverse is true. A holder of a low-class degree can work hard to obtain a first-class second degree. A watchman, by the grace of hard work, can become the Boss. And the rest of the statuses can change normally.

You think you are who you are and the one you undermine also thinks he is who he is. In fact, no one hates who he is. Furthermore, no one hates what he is. The way you think about yourself is the way other people think about themselves. You cannot conclude that you are the most important person on earth.

The same manhood in you is the same manhood in another man. Why you look much higher than other men is just an empty pride in you. You may think you are the strongest person in the world, but someone somewhere is much stronger than you.

One time, a young man who felt he was stronger than anyone in the area used to rob people. He then targeted another young man. Every day, he used to assault him. That young man kept saying sorry to him, but he could hear sorry like an insult and became more aggressive.

People in the area faded up of him. One very day, the young man he used to assault collected his chickens and tied them on both ends of a stick. Then he carried them to the wetland where he was going to spend the summer season. In the middle of a dried swampy area, he met the guy who used to assault him. Guess the crazy thing he did to him?

He untied all the chickens and dispersed them to scatter all over the swampy area. The young man could not catch any of them as they scattered in all directions. The owner of the chickens, whom he used to assault but kept saying sorry, then picked a stick and beat him to death. He never knew someone stronger than him also existed in the same area with him. There is no reason to overlook other people. Everyone is who he is in his capacity.

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