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Land grabbing; a problem looking for a solution

When a common man’s house is located in a commercial place, it is liable to grabbing by an elite. A common man owning a double plot of land is not safe either.

Every day, an elite wishes he were the owner of such a large piece of land. Guess what follows? If the elite is somehow sympathetic, he would knock on the door of a common man and persuade him to sell his plot of land to him.

If the common man refuses, the elite resorts to applying all it takes to grab someone’s land. If what it takes to own the land is killing the common man, the elite can possibly do it. The elite knows unknown gunman. So, he does not call him unknown gunman, but known gunman. So, eliminating the common man is as easy as drinking water. But one annoying thing about the elite is that, he does not get satisfied. He grabs this land today and tomorrow, he is again seen taking steps in grabbing another common man’s land.

The cases of land grabbing have no difference with the cases of an epidemic disease because they continue to rise on a daily basis. But the only difference is that a vaccine can be developed for epidemic disease, but because land grabbing is a cousin virus to HIV/AIDS, the development of its vaccine has defeated both the government and the World Health Organisation.

Though rumours have it that a pharmaceutical company called “Government” is working on the vaccine, other rumours also have it that the same company is evidently observed promoting the infectiousness of the epidemic land grabbing. Remember there is often truth in rumours.

In the name of controlling land grabbing, some government officials grab a plethora of lands and own them shamelessly. This is why government officials have more plots of land than ordinary people, imagine! If two people have a case of land, that land will automatically be grabbed by the authorities concerned with land and housing.

Imagine an authority concerned with land and housing is a land grabber itself! If two neighbouring plots of land are inhabited by common people, particularly civilians, then those two plots are liable to forceful ownership by government officials.

If your plot of land is located near a commercial place, then don’t ever attempt one day to quarrel with a government official. If you do, that land will never be yours again because he will try by all means to grab it even if it means losing you is a requirement for grabbing it.

One bad thing about government officials owning enough land is that, instead of constructing them for public businesses such as schools, hospitals, orphanages etc, they construct them as offices and rent them to the same government they are working for.

Nearly all State Coordination Offices are houses of government officials. Most, if not all, hotels in which rebellious officials of the Revitalised Transitional Government of National Unity are accommodated belong to government officials. Mind you, it cannot be a surprise to say that some officials are even accommodated in their own hotels!

The real land grabbers are the government officials, with some also doubling as army Generals. Other people who grab land are just imitating it from the government. There is nowhere one person can have over 20 plots of land while other people do not even have half a plot of land.

There is nowhere other people can have three plots of land combined as one plot while other people have only half a plot. There is nowhere authorities concerned with land and housing can sell one plot of land to more than three buyers. This is the truth behind the authorities concerned with land and housing having so many plots of land.

There is no grabbing which has a nickname. Even telling your neighbour to sell to you his plot unwillingly in order to have a double plot is land grabbing itself.  The land belongs to the government, no debate about it, but does this belongingness of land to the government guarantee government officials to grab already owned lands?

Unless the government is working for itself, but if it is working for people as it is expected, then the land that belongs to it does not actually belong to it but belongs to the people. The role of the government is to make sure this land is owned by the people without malpractices.

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