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Bank of South Sudan’s new headquarters nears completion

By Deng Athian


Construction of a new headquarters for Bank of South Sudan is on track to be completed in June 2024, according to officials.

Yesterday, a delegation from the bank, including seven Director Generals and other directors, visited the construction site to assess the progress of the project.

David Manyuon Naan, the Director for Administration, expressed his appreciation for the speed at which the construction is progressing, thanks to the efforts of the Chandong company’s engineers.

Construction on the building began in February 2022, and it is expected to be fully operational by June 30, 2024.

Once completed, the new headquarters will provide ample space to accommodate all the staff of the Central Bank, shaping the face of the country’s financial institution.

“We really appreciate the Engineers from the Chandong company for the speed of the construction. This building once completed will help accommodate all the staff of Central Bank. It will shape the face of the financial institution of the country,” David said.

There are over 700 construction workers at the site, the administration of  Chandong company’s administration.


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