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Communities seek support for reconciliation

By Jino Wilson


Communities of Bohorora-Ngatuba and Locoto Bomas in Budi County, Eastern Equatoria state, are calling for financial assistance for reconciliation processes.

The Topotha communities of Kapoeta and other communities in Budi County need to be reconciled, for peaceful coexistence.

In a gathering led by Chief, John Nangorohopir of Bohorora and Chief, Akileo Atudo Lotodohori of Ngatuba, a group of 15 individuals, comprising both men and women, converged at the ROG office on 2nd April, 2024, to appeal for support in organizing a peace dialogue between the Toposa and Didinga communities.

Chief Akileo Atudo Lotodohori from Ngatuba stressed concern over the ongoing cattle raids and road ambushes, which have put the communities in constant danger.

“We want support to facilitate peace processes,” he said.

“It becomes difficult for people to engage in farming activities simply because the so-called cattle raiding and insecurity is putting communities in danger,” he said.

Chief Akileo Atudo further highlighted the loss of lives, both men and women, in the fields and during the collection of firewood.

He called upon the government to heed their plea and swiftly organize a peace dialogue between the Toposa and Didinga people.

“This year, we have open vast land for cultivation and without peace in the area, it will not be possible to cultivate peacefully,” he added.

For her part, Rovina Nangan a resident emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence between the Didinga and Toposa communities.

She lamented the loss of numerous women’s lives during firewood collection, gathering of green vegetables, and agricultural activities.

Mary Aguti echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that peace is the prerequisite for development.

She urged well-wishers to support efforts in establishing a lasting peace between the Didinga and Toposa communities.

“We want well-wishers to help us, bring us together with Toposa. We want to cultivate. Without peace it will be hard for people to cultivate,” she said.

“We want to cultivate our land, and without peace, our prospects for a prosperous future are hindered,” she declared.

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