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Kiir receives two diplomats

By Bida Elly David


President Salva Kiir’s national, regional peace missions have started flourishing with diplomats continue to extend letters of credence.

On Thursday this week, the president received letters of credence of two foreign diplomats from Algeria and Malaysia over good diplomatic and foreign relations.

Kiir continues to receive appreciation from foreign diplomats in different Countries amid his relations and commitment to peace and regional stability.

Last Month, President Kiir also received 19 letters of credence from different ambassadors who commended him for his positive regional leadership as well as commitment towards the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.

The ambassadors were from Canada, Libya, Zimbabwe, Japan, Kenya, Botswana, Bangladesh, Cuba, the Kingdom of Spain, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Pakistan, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Vietnam, and Belgium.

Thursday’s two letters of credence from the Ambassadors of Malaysia and Algeria were additional appreciation for the South Sudan head of state.

The two ambassadors whose names were not disclosed congratulated President Kiir on his peace efforts and expressed their confidence in his leadership.

They also commended South Sudan for its role in regional and international affairs, particularly in promoting peace and stability in the region.

Dr. James Pitia Morgan minister of foreign affairs said the visit of the two diplomats was a symbol of progress in Kiir’s commitment towards peace in South Sudan and the region at large.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. James Pitia Morgan, who was present at the ceremony, said the event signified growing diplomatic ties between South Sudan and the two countries,” read the statement.

Dr. Morgan emphasized the importance of maintaining strong diplomatic relations with nations around the world to promote peace, cooperation, and mutual understanding.

The foreign minister said the ambassadors from Malaysia and Algeria expressed their countries’ eagerness to strengthen bilateral relations with Juba and support South Sudan in various fields.

Despite the efforts he exerts towards peace, President Kiir’s government still suffer criticisms from national political and civil society experts particularly on the devastating economy and insecurity.

President Kiir last Month had visited Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo on a regional peace mission but president also has been partaking in many foreign visits for diplomatic ties.

Kiir on Wednesday vowed to ensure implementation of the peace agreement to push the Country for democratic elections.

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