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Preparing our nation for peace requires responsible child upbringing

By Ustaz Mark Bang

There is a need to invest in human development to perfectly carry out duties that are meant to be.

The future we want our young sons and daughters to be in is a future in which they should know between rights and wrongs. In psychology, one has to know where she or he is, what to do, and what not to do. I can see that we had no chance to spend time with our sons and daughters to give them advice on their future dos and don’ts, so we believed there would be no problems before them. As the future is something that is very vast and that it’s something, one should prepare a child to live a life of independence. Where on earth does a father or mother like her or his child suffer after she or he is no longer seen here on Earth? I think all parents want their children to proceed in developing the legacy they haven’t left; all parents like children to leave after them in peace and harmony; and all parents like their children to leave a life full of happiness, and this doesn’t come on its own, but is created by the legacy of their parents.

When our country wasn’t a nation, all our people asked a question that gave birth to the nation we are today. They asked, ‘’When are we going to be free? Resources not taken. Do our brothers and sisters not kill? And when shall we remain as one people? An answer had come on its own way; this is now South Sudan. A country we are all proud to have, a country we are eager to develop and prepare for our sons and daughters to live happily. Let’s together sit as Junubin and try to trickle down things that wouldn’t make us united as a country, things that divide us, and things that we see wouldn’t put us into a column where we should live as sons and daughters of the soil. I feel so proud to be a South Sudanese, not because I belong to a certain tribe but because I belong to a country that has great diversity, with its amazing virgin land, amazing cultural heritage, and, among others, a country that has 64 tribes. Not only is South Sudan the richest country in Africa because it lives with wild birds, plants, and animals that would no sooner rise to the status of a prosperous nation in the world, but it would also be a hunting ground for the countries in the global north.

However, the more we continue to live in such a chaotic situation where brothers and sisters see themselves as great enemies, the more other countries come in and use us as their tools to finish us and our resources. The land would remain as it is, and the little population we are currently having would be finished by our political, cultural, social, and economic factors. We need to open our eyes and see what needs to be done and what is not, as all problems that cause us tension are fully addressed. It is believed what a mere citizen could see is not seen by someone in power; to see this, political parties have to go down and seek references from the most suffering communities, the local population. After this thing is done, a resolution will be made based on their findings, or else they will continue to get in touch with the civil population, and serving will be the next step. Their cries and pains will immediately be solved coherently by the government that they elected.

Setting roles for people

It is the role of our government to be near its people day and night. There are no people who have not gone astray since dying is something that is vividly ringing in the mind of everybody who is in town or village. To my surprise, children happen to threaten even their elders when they misunderstand themselves simply because they seem to have held the entire world just in their hands. Guns have made everybody a hero, and this makes those out of gun possession remain weak. I will never stop weeping tears if weapons are not collected in the hands of our civil population. Community policing needs to be immediately initiated so that everyone is trained to know the implications of gun possession, the implication of condoning or keeping criminals at our doors and preventing them from being apprehended by law enforcement agencies. It is the work of the police and local government to enforce laws on the civil population whenever crime initiators get involved in terrorizing the innocent population in the area. Allowing our young generation to learn and practice leadership in their spaces would create great opportunities and prepare a country toward becoming the most desirable nation, a nation where there would be good leaders, clear objectives, opportunities, love, unity, and understanding.


Furthermore, we live a life of pickpocketing (aramia-Arabic), a life from hand to mouth. Here, the majority of my people don’t invest simply because we are the poorest communities; this has even created a deep hole, which I term ‘’an infinity of disunity’’. I could make it clear: it is visibly seen in the hearts of all communities; all communities never take members of other tribes as important just as they believe in their tribe. Sociology teaches us how to value other communities and take their culture as important. What I see as very great about us in our societies could easily make it useless to other tribes. To mention, my people happen to inherit a dead person’s wife and to say this, other societies take this as a culture that never values what is good and bad. As we all know, ‘’one’s own meat is another man’s poison.’’

Mr. President, take a look and see what has taken the lives of your own people. Ignorance, greediness, disunity, pride, and mercilessness will never help all Junubiin forever. We have to sit down and sort out what would easily cease suffering and aim at developing the nation through laying a strong foundation, a foundation that must start with education for our young generation. Not just education, but that kind of standard education that begins with strong curricula, competitive teachers, and providing learning spaces, if these are set in place. Then a good salary has to be restructured so that the scale of payment must be at the same level as in other countries; get an example from our neighbouring countries, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Central African Republic (CAR), and Chad. These countries are no richer than South Sudan, but they’ve maintained efforts to address the challenges faced in academics.

Conclusively, it’s my view as a citizen concerned to share what we would want to see being done, what has not, and what is to be. We’ve seen that most of the wrong elements in the government have mistakenly tarnished the image of our education if examinations are always leaked and cheated rather than controlled. This is what I condemn in the strongest terms possible; we are burying the nation, and this would no sooner than later be experienced if these children we cheated were doctors. They would take treatments such as surgery as their copy and paste, and the patient would be dying while fake doctors with empty minds would be busy reading from books so that they understood ways of carrying out surgery. This is going to be a great regret, and thinking about the past would be another great challenge. It is my pleasure to have read the article “Public staunchest allies.”

The writer of this article is a human rights activist, writer, and professional teacher.

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