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Lobong calls for unity

Gladys Fred Kole


Eastern Equatoria State governor has issued a heartfelt call, urging unity among all tribes within his state.

Governor Louis Lobong Lojore emphasizes the importance of continuing to embrace peace and cultural diversity as fundamental values for the prosperity and cohesiveness of the region.

He articulated these comments following his recent visit to meet with the SPLM Secretariat Pageri sector, a gracious invitation extended to him since last year.

Also, during the just-recent visit, the SPLM Youth League Pageri Sector proudly nominated Governor Louis Lobong as the SPLM flag bearer for the upcoming 2024 general elections.

In a statement obtained by this outlet from the governor’s press, Adruga John Moga, who is the SPLM Secretary for the Pageri sector, stated that the nomination of the governor came as a result of the exemplary leadership demonstrated over the past years.

“It’s a popular demand for the people due to the wisdom of governance demonstrated by Governor Louis that resulted in prevailing peace, improvement of health care, education, and the implementation of a presidential order for the removal of cattle from Magwi County to their various areas of origin.” Said Adruga

According to the governor’s press, the Madi overall community traditional leader Lofirigo Draru and elder, Jerome Gama Surur, including the women’s association, youth leader, chamber of commerce, teachers, faith-based, driver/bodaboda, and women and farmers associations, seconded the nomination of Cde Louis Lobong Lojore as a candidate for the upcoming general election.

Meanwhile, Governor Lobong appreciated the unexpected and surprising nomination that he didn’t lobby for.

Mr. Lobong said he has acknowledged hearing the calls for him to stand for governorship but clarified that, based on the directives of the President, there will be no nominations for any SPLM leaders at the state level.

Lobong cited that this decision aims to avoid potential conflicts similar to those experienced in other states within the Republic of South Sudan.

He revealed his commitment to prioritizing infrastructural development in the state, particularly focusing on stabilizing security and addressing the urgent need for the construction of county headquarters, hospitals, and schools.

Despite facing challenges such as austerity measures, insecurity, and economic difficulties, the governor remains steadfast in his plans for physical infrastructure development, with roads and bridges being integral components of his vision.

Responding to community acceptance of the demarcation of Nimule to facilitate traffic flow and the extension of essential services to previously inaccessible areas, he urged the town clerk to collaborate closely with the community.

Governor Lobong emphasized the importance of reaching a final agreement through a communal effort, ensuring that the resulting communiqué is delivered to his office for prompt implementation.

Furthermore, in addition to the significant turnout, representatives from diverse ethnic backgrounds, such as Madi, Acholi, Pari, Lango, Murle, and Azande, among other tribes from the region of South Sudan, were also in attendance.



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