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Man torches house after domestic dispute

By Hou Akot Hou


Domestic dispute turned tragic over the weekend in Angot village, Warguet Boma of Baac payam, Aweil East County, when a man set his house on fire.

The arsonist identified as Ben Garang Deng was angered after altercation with his wife.

Warguet Boma youth leader, Paul Kuch Akot toold No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the furious Garang Deng set his house aflame after misunderstanding with his wife.

“The man became enraged following an argument with his wife,” confirmed Akot.

The youth leader further reported that the couple’s son died in the fire.

According to Akot’s account, the son, upon returning home and witnessing the blaze, became extremely upset by the situation and threw himself into the burning house.

“The young man was very angry about his father’s decision. He threw himself into the burning house and died immediately” he narrated.

Akot clarified that the burning structure was primarily a byre, used for storing livestock feed.

Authorities have apprehended Ben Garang Deng for questioning. The cause of the dispute is believed to be domestic in nature.

“The cause of the dispute appears to be family-related,” said Akot. “These types of conflicts can be resolved through the courts or with the help of elders. It’s unfortunate that it reached such a tragic point.”

This incident highlights a concerning trend. “Earlier this year, a similar case occurred in Akon Village, Gogrial West County, where a man set his house ablaze due to domestic issues,” Akot noted.

“Gender-based violence experts are working to address these issues and promote peaceful conflict resolution within families” he added

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