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Concerns rise over surging suicide cases in Lakes State

By Yang Ater Yang


Community Empowerment Progress Organization (CEPO) has expressed alarm over the increasing number of suicide cases in Lakes State.

In the past month alone, three suicide cases have been reported, including the tragic incident involving an underage girl in Rumbek East County in Meen-Wel.

Additionally, another case occurred in Wulu County, while a case in Cueibet County was recorded, along with two attempted suicides—one in Rumbek Central County, according to CEPO’s Coordinator, Daniel Laat Kon.

Kon highlighted that most of these cases, particularly, are linked to gender-based violence, where young girls may resort to suicide after experiencing physical abuse or threats from family members.

He reiterated the need for international support and funding to raise awareness in areas like Wulu County, which has seen a rise in suicide cases over the years.

Rumbek East County is also a concerning hotspot, with Rumbek Central County following suit, although the economic hardships faced by the majority of the population in the town contribute to the issue.

Kon emphasized that gender-based violence is closely intertwined with suicide cases and urged parents to prioritize the well-being of their children.

He advised that there are better ways to guide and educate them than through physical punishment and threats.

Doctor Terran Madit Terran, the medical director of Rumbek State Hospital, acknowledged the growing number of suicide cases and attributed the increase to various factors.

He mentioned that in the past, such incidents were rarely reported due to inadequate media coverage.

Moreover, the overall challenges of life have intensified, making it increasingly difficult for individuals to cope.

Doctor Madit highlighted the specific vulnerability of young girls in the community, as some are forced into early marriages.

“Definitely in another way, they can reject this kind of marriage because they are more focused on their schools. Simply, because they like school much because they know that their future is the school and therefore if they get this kind of opposing from their families or fathers, mothers or brothers. We know as a community our concept of belief whereby you cannot disobey your parents,” he said.

This trend has emerged over the past decade, although the number of girls attending school has seen a positive increase.

Education plays a crucial role in empowering girls and broadening their perspectives, leading them to resist forced marriages.

However, societal expectations and cultural beliefs often prevent them from defying their families, leaving suicide as the perceived escape route when they feel unsupported.

Psychological issues also contribute to the rising suicide rate, with the prevalence of drug abuse among teenagers leading to psychological disturbances and tragic outcomes.

The complex interaction of these factors underscores the need for immediate attention and intervention to address the growing suicide crisis in Lakes State.


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