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Police officer arrested over shooting


By Yang Ater Yang


Police personnel has been arrested in Rumbek, Lakes State, after shooting and injuring three individuals on Monday night.

Major Elijah Mabor Makuac, spokesperson for the Lakes State Police, stated that the incident occurred when the police personnel illegally deserted from the forces deployed in Maper and came to Rumbek Town.

At approximately 7:00 PM, the police personnel opened fire, resulting in three people being wounded.

The injured individuals are currently receiving treatment at Rumbek State Hospital.

The motive behind the shooting appears to be a dispute over a motorbike used for business purposes.

The owner of the motorbike claimed that payment had not been made, leading to a confrontation between the parties involved.

According to Major Makuac, the owner of the motorbike contacted the police to apprehend the person who had failed to pay.

However, the person in question was under the influence of alcohol.

When the police arrived, the intoxicated individual resorted to firing shots, injuring three people in the process.

Realizing that he had committed a crime, the suspect attempted to flee but was surrounded by the police and subsequently arrested, the police spokesperson said.

Major Makuac emphasized the importance of following proper legal procedures, advising against attempting to make arrests without an arrest warrant.

He urged citizens to engage in lawful processes and seek assistance from the police in accordance with legal requirements.

While no fatalities were reported, the wounded individuals are currently recovering at Rumbek State Hospital.

Major Makuac expressed his disappointment and assigned blame to both the police personnel who conducted the arrest without an arrest warrant and the complainant who called upon a random police officer without verifying their authority or possessing the necessary legal documents.

He underlined the need to refrain from such practices and encouraged adherence to legal procedures when dealing with disputes.


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