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Abyei seeks stronger peacekeeping force after commissioner injured

By Hou Akot Hou


Abyei Special Administrative Area (ASAA) calls for a more robust peacekeeping presence in contested region, following a recent skirmish that resulted in injuring o of Rupamer County commissioner.

In a phone interview on Thursday, Information Minister Bulis Koc said existing forces, primarily from Ghana, were unable to effectively intervene during the violence.

“I appeal to the international community and regional authorities like IGAD to critically examine the issue of Abyei,” Koc said.

“The current forces, especially the Ghanaians, cannot mitigate escalating situations like what happened in Rupamer.”

Koc emphasized the need for “powerful forces” that can swiftly de-escalate conflicts and protect civilians.

“We don’t need forces who stand by with their arms idle,” he implored. “We need those who react immediately to help the local people.”

Abyei has long faced challenges, including land disputes and attacks from neighboring areas and Misseriya militia groups.

These attacks often involve cattle raiding and violence against civilians.


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