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Charity Foundation donates computers to medical students

By Staff writer

Fr. Dr. John Lee Foundation with support from the Charity Foundation for African Catholic Mission USA (CFACM USA) has donated computers to 26 university medical students in South Sudan.

In a ceremony held at the University of Juba, on Saturday, the Fr. Dr. John Lee Foundation presented the computers to the students who are under scholarship. The recipients, who include third-year medical students, interns, and graduate students from various academic years, expressed gratitude for the support.

At the University of Juba, 16 students received the computers, seven from the University of Bahr el Ghazal, and three from Upper Nile University.

They view computers as tools that will enable them to study more efficiently and strive for academic excellence.
The President of CFACM USA, Andy Yi, personally visited South Sudan in January 2024 and conducted interviews with all the scholarship students.

After carefully listening to the students’ needs, Yi expressed immense satisfaction with the decisions made by the board of directors.

The scholarships provided by CFACM USA have been instrumental in supporting the education and aspirations of these students.

The scholarship recipients have committed to follow in the footsteps of Father John Lee, who dedicated his life to serving others.

They pledged to return to their hometown of Tonj after graduation and contribute wholeheartedly to medical activities, benefiting their less fortunate neighbours.

CFACM USA, founded as a nonprofit organization in Southern California in 2009, has been consistently supporting scholarship programs, medical projects, and welfare initiatives in South Sudan.

Since 2020, they have been offering full scholarships to 26 medical students at the University of Juba, Upper Nile University, and Bahr El Ghazal University.

The foundation also collaborates with the Sisters of Charity of Jesus in Kerpi Community, supporting health and education projects.

In addition to their scholarship programs, CFACM USA actively participates in medical services through the FR. DR. Lee Tae Seok Foundation Leprosy Clinic, operated by Chairman Kim Kee-Choon in Juba.

They provide essential supplies and support humanitarian aid efforts, including food and material assistance.
The Charity Foundation for African Catholic Mission USA remains committed to its mission of supporting scholarship and medical projects.

Inspired by the spiritual example of Jesus Christ, the foundation aims to serve with humility and stand with the poor and needy.

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