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Old woman beaten to death over land dispute

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


Police have arrested at least two people in connection with battering of an old woman to death over a land dispute in Juba.

The deceased, presumed to be about 60 years old, was identified as Agnes Waron, a resident of the Hai-Mouna residential area.

Police spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin said the incident occurred on Saturday night at deceased’s home.

“The quarrel was about land, so they fought, and as a result, she was hit and died,” the police spokesman stated.

He said the two suspects arrested in relation to the incident are being detained for further investigation.

“We have now arrested two people, and we are still investigating: the brother of the deceased woman’s husband and his wife,” he added.

The police spokesman appealed to citizens to always solve land-related issues as family, adding they should not take laws into their own hands.

“My appeal to the general public is to let us solve land issues amicably and peacefully,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kenyi Ezbon, a family member of the late woman, confirmed that the deceased will be buried in the Hai Mouna residential area where the incident took place, and family members are yet to sit down to resolve the matter.

“Yes, it happened badly, and as a family, we are going to bury our mother at home, and definitely we shall resolve the matter as a family,” Kenyi said.

He reiterated the police appeal for people to always resolve issues in an amicable way.

“We should always put peace in front of us and always solve issues in a peaceful manner,” he added.

Acquiring land in the rightful manner is still one of the problems that South Sudanese are facing in the country, especially in the capital, Juba.

Many people have lost their lives in land-related disputes and on lands that were inherited from their relatives.

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