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Yei Commissioner gives Ambororo 24 hours to leave

By James Innocent


Yei River County commissioner has given Ambororo herders 24 hours to start leaving the area to allow farmers to cultivate.

Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa said the herders were destroying crops, and people’s property and causing insecurity.

“I am giving the Ambororo herders to move out of Yei because this season for Agriculture and Yei has been mandated by the government as the food basket for South Sudan. So, I want to appeal to everyone that this year, we don’t need hunger in Yei,” he said.

He also called on the local farmers to prevent their animals from roaming around. He further directed the chiefs to take action and punish individuals who didn’t adhere to the order.

“This year, I want everyone to tie down their goats and cattle to avoid conflicts and destruction of crops. It is the collective of the citizens and chiefs to control their animals because this year, Yei is likely to face hunger if farmers are not given the chance to cultivate,” he added.

Many residents who depend on farming to generate income have welcomed the commissioner’s order. They said the presence of the cattle herders in the area is posing a significant threat to farmers.

Meanwhile, Adam Abdullah the chief of Ambororo cattle herders said that they are now heading back to Rumbek using Mukaya areas to the Mundri County.

“We don’t want conflict as we said before that our people don’t need problems with anyone and we are going away peacefully, we also appreciate the commissioner for giving us more time before Ramadan Eid,” he stated.




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