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Unity State cleans 12 kilometres of Naam River

By Yien Gattour Mead


After eight months of extensive work, four activator machines have successfully cleaned 12 km of the Naam River in Unity State, David Gai, the Minister of Information and Communication in Unity State said.

The cleaning project, which began in August 2023, covers the stretch from Bentiu town to Thowath Nyotni in Guit County. The contract for the river cleaning was awarded to an Egyptian company in 2022 following an agreement between the governments of Egypt and South Sudan.

Minister Gai expressed great satisfaction with the progress made, stating, “we are delighted to have achieved a 12 km cleaning milestone, completed by the Egyptian Company this month.”

This is the first significant river cleaning effort since it was flooded four years ago.

In the next three months, he said boats will be able to navigate the river once again.

He further mentioned that the completion of the cleaning project will prompt the government of Unity State to announce the official launch of the Naam River cleaning initiative.

“Once the river is fully cleaned, the communities of the seven counties in Unity State will enjoy the transportation of commodities from Juba to Bentiu through the river port,” he said.

He added that the residents of the area eagerly anticipate using the river as a means of swift and efficient commodity transportation once the project is finalized.

Madet Puok, a resident of Leer County, expressed the community’s joy over the ongoing cleaning of the Naam River, which has already reached a distance of 12 kg from Bentiu town.

Puok said the communities of the seven counties are elated by the cleaning of the Naam River.

He further explained how the river’s accessibility during the rainy season would greatly benefit the community, enabling the transportation of patients to Bentiu Hospital and facilitating the reestablishment of connections between various areas, including Mayom, Leer, Koch, Guit, Mayiendit, Rubkonta, and Panyijiar County.

The official launch of the Naam River cleaning project is planned to take place after the completion of the works, with Vice President Taban Deng Gai expected to attend the ceremony.

The restoration of the river not only improves transportation but also brings hope and renewed vitality to the affected communities in Unity State.


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