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Farmers call for security, gov’t support

By Charles K Mark


Farmers participating in an inclusive agribusiness club exhibition in Juba have voiced concerns about the prevailing insecurity that hampers their ability to engage in large-scale agricultural production.

They believe that with improved security measures and government support, the country has the potential to significantly boost its agricultural output.

Mary Benjamin Loki, the owner of “Korofo Junubna,” a local company specializing in the production of greens, lamented the lack of stability and its impact on her farming activities.

While she successfully exports dried greens via DHL to Western countries, she emphasized the need for a secure environment to expand her production capacity.

According to the farmer, a full sack of processed dried greens can be harvested from a garden measuring 4 feet by 8 feet.

“I gain triple or America or Canada, one pack of that dried greens is $10,” she explained.

Loki who is also the Director-General of the National Food Reserve in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security reiterated that the country could achieve food security through a stronger focus on agriculture.

“Look at all these. What can’t we produce? She said while pointing to the locally produced goods at the exhibition.

“All these you see here are produced locally. So, if farmers are capacitated with modern technology, they are more than able.”

She revealed that the demand for South Sudanese farm produces abroad is high, but the supply is low.

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